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well, I'm finally back. I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in two weeks. I was sick for a bit, and honestly the lack of daylight hours ruins any chances of getting outfit photos.

I feel like I missed autumn completely and I'm disappointed that all the leaves have fallen without me getting pretty pictures with the fall colours. Brandon and I went to Bowring park in one last hope to find some colourful trees... we didn't find any.

dress- Mango
cardigan- American Eagle
tights- American Apparel
socks- H&M
shoes- Aldo
bag- vintage fr. Folie a Deux on Etsy

I was so excited to find out that Mango shipped to Canada that I ordered a couple dresses (she said sheepishly...). I am in love with the pattern on this one, but I have to say I think it looked better on the model..

and I wasn't really feelin' the cardigan either, but now that I've seen the photos it looks better than I thought! although I didn't get many photos- the camera died after these few. which is sad cause you can't see how awesome my shoes are! they're little oxford wedges, and I think they go with everything.

...sorry that my first post in ages is a little lacking in the photo area. to be honest, I feel like work is totally killing my fashion appreciation. I mean, I really like American Apparel clothes, but having to wear only their clothes everyday feels kind of restricting. 

I didn't notice at first, but it's totally killing my creativity and taking the fun out of getting dressed! I miss my vintage dresses and my pastel tights and wearing makeup. 

I guess it's like I'm involuntarily doing a 30/30 challenge with items someone else picked. I'm trying to look at it that way, and it doesn't seem so bad...except it lasts way longer than 30 days.

I'm taking advantage of my days off and really appreciating picking my outfits. :) 
maybe I should just start documenting my work outfits? I don't know. that might get boring. we'll see.

oh, and happy thanksgiving to my American pals! 

playing: Yulia- Wolf Parade


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Hi! I'm new here. I loove your bag, dress, shoes...all of it! Especially your bag though!! Great blog btw!


Sara said...

Oh, you look simply lovely!
I think the dress looks even better on you than the model. It's a really lovely autumnal colour mix. Just gorgeous!