this train don't stop there

and here I am again!

I took advantage of having a late shift at work and got a few pictures in the rare sunshine.
Brandon noted how this old train might be good for a little photo shoot while driving around downtown. it's just part of the Railway Coastal museum, but hey, trains are pretty cool. I think it worked out quite nicely! even though my outfit really doesn't go with the old-timey train theme... I feel like I should be wearing a classy trench coat and curls.

dress- American Apparel
tights- American Apparel
boots- Forever 21

so this is a typical work outfit. well, really all that's typical about it is that it's all American Apparel... I didn't get to wear the boots- no boots allowed. eek.

even I have to admit this is not the most flattering dress in the world when taking outfit photos. but it's cute in person, I swear. and the tights are awesome, yes?

gripe how I may about AA stifling my creativity, some of their stuff is super cute. and with a sizeable discount, who am I to complain?

playing: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry (kinda addicted to this song)

can't start a fire without a spark

well, I'm finally back. I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in two weeks. I was sick for a bit, and honestly the lack of daylight hours ruins any chances of getting outfit photos.

I feel like I missed autumn completely and I'm disappointed that all the leaves have fallen without me getting pretty pictures with the fall colours. Brandon and I went to Bowring park in one last hope to find some colourful trees... we didn't find any.

dress- Mango
cardigan- American Eagle
tights- American Apparel
socks- H&M
shoes- Aldo
bag- vintage fr. Folie a Deux on Etsy

I was so excited to find out that Mango shipped to Canada that I ordered a couple dresses (she said sheepishly...). I am in love with the pattern on this one, but I have to say I think it looked better on the model..

and I wasn't really feelin' the cardigan either, but now that I've seen the photos it looks better than I thought! although I didn't get many photos- the camera died after these few. which is sad cause you can't see how awesome my shoes are! they're little oxford wedges, and I think they go with everything.

...sorry that my first post in ages is a little lacking in the photo area. to be honest, I feel like work is totally killing my fashion appreciation. I mean, I really like American Apparel clothes, but having to wear only their clothes everyday feels kind of restricting. 

I didn't notice at first, but it's totally killing my creativity and taking the fun out of getting dressed! I miss my vintage dresses and my pastel tights and wearing makeup. 

I guess it's like I'm involuntarily doing a 30/30 challenge with items someone else picked. I'm trying to look at it that way, and it doesn't seem so bad...except it lasts way longer than 30 days.

I'm taking advantage of my days off and really appreciating picking my outfits. :) 
maybe I should just start documenting my work outfits? I don't know. that might get boring. we'll see.

oh, and happy thanksgiving to my American pals! 

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I'll be there for you...

today's post could appropriately be called the end of an era. it's the 90s! the most horrible decade ever.

ok, so maybe that statement is a little drastic, but come on. 90s fashion was the ugliest, most unflattering clothing of all time. it's comical. even worse than the 80s because everyone dressed like they were 70 years old.

I always swore I'd never, ever wear 90s-inspired garb. but inevitably... the florals and plaid won me over. one day I woke up and saw dozens of floral patterned dresses in my closet and realized the 90s had snuck in somehow.

dress- Topshop
shirt- Walmart
hat- Modcloth
tights- Smart Set
shoes- vintage

today's outfit was very Blossom-inspired. remember Blossom?? she had crazy 90s clothes. but I used to think she was so cool! 

to sum up, florals + denim shirt + hat + loafers = complete 90s transformation. 

today was so sunny and warm and beautiful. I wish all autumn would be like today! the weather's supposed to keep for another week, so I'm hoping to get some more pretty pictures while the winter is at bay. I really don't know what I'm going to do once we get piles of snow!

for now I'll just take advantage of the blue skies.

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what a feelin'

my favourite thing from the 80s is the film. I'm sorry, but the decade didn't have much else that interests me. maybe a little glam rock here and there, some Bon Jovi in particular, but mostly the movies rule; from John Hughes, to Tom Cruise before the crazy.

my favourite has to be Dirty Dancing. in the tenth grade I watched it every day after school. I loved the dancing, the romance, the music, the whole cheesy thing. after Dirty Dancing I always wanted to fall in love at summer camp and learn ballroom... I can still do one of those!

skirt- American Apparel
top- Modcloth
belt- Chinese Laundry
tights- we love colors
shoes- Aldo

this is two decades in a row for these tights; not too shabby hehe. I dunno, I'm having trouble finding specific pairs lately, so I just went with the first matching bright colour! 

I've said before that I'm not a fan of 80s fashion; I don't understand how women went from swinging dresses and sweater sets to neon spandex. but when I saw this skirt at the store I thought, maybe there are aspects that are cool in small doses... like pink denim skirts. and side ponies. and oversized sweatshirts. 

when I first got this shirt I couldn't wait to wear it with an abundance of pink shades. I saw Jessica's version on What I Wore and I just loved the combination. it's really the cutest top, it's too bad I couldn't get photos outside in better light. 

I guess this means there's one day left of my dressing for the decades idea! it took a tad longer than expected... but it was fun on the days I could do it! having something specific to dress for makes choosing outfits so much easier. 

and now I'm going to go watch Cloverfield on tv, because it's been distracting me this whole time! seems interesting. and it's ok to stay up late tonight because of that extra hour of sleep. :)

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hanging out, down the street

aaand we're on to the 70s!
lots of good things are from the 70s. the Eagles. afros. Jack Nicholson movies. and wrap dresses.
as you can see, my outfit was mostly inspired by the last one.

dress- Modcloth
boots- Forever 21
necklace- Modcloth

there are so many styles to choose from in the 70s, but after wearing this dress a couple weeks ago I knew it was my perfect look for the decade. it's super comfortable and the pattern is crazy cool. I was kind of having trouble figuring out what to wear with it because it's so long and the pattern is so bold, but I just went with one contrasting colour and neutral shoes. 

I also have turquoise-line eyes, but I guess you can't see that so well...

I guess I only have two decades of outfits left! then I'll have to come up with something new for the blog. it's been hard sticking to this, though, because I wear all American Apparel six days a week...and of course the decreasing hours of daylight doesn't help! how do all you blogger girls do this everyday?! 

oh oh! I do have some interesting news though. I'd like to introduce you to our newest roomie...

meet Gilbur! he likes to chill in the fridge (hehe) and chase mice and sleep on my neck. 
I'm a fan. 

and now, I have to clean my room. because maaaan, it is messy.

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