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I'm running out of fun places to take pictures...

I'm envious of other adorable blogger girls who seem to find time and daylight enough each day to go to a new, stunning location for photo shoots. I usually end up ten feet from my front door. but I guess that's life with no car when it gets dark at 6 PM...

so for the 60s photos, I am, in fact, ten feet from my front door. I'm a little delayed with these (which I'm sure you're getting used to by now!) but when blogging clashes with valuable sleep time, sleep usually wins!

dress- Modcloth
navy tights- Joe Fresh
shoes- Wal Mart
belt- American Apparel
coat- Kensie, fr. Biscuit

is this dress sort of a cop out? it's so obviously vintage-inspired that maybe choosing it as my 60s outfit made things a little to easy. but the fact of the matter is, it's not vintage, so the look can be achieved! all you need is a beehive-inspired hairdo, a curve-hugging wiggle dress, and a pair of heels and you'll be channelling Joan Holloway in no time. 

who, by the way, is totally my new icon. hottest thing ever. me-ow. 

as an add on, wedding planning is in full gear! I paid a visit to the florist today and am working on getting a decorator (because I'm very picky but don't want to do everything myself). 

so far we have the reception venue booked, menu chosen, bridesmaid dresses ordered, save-the-dates sent, groomsmen attire chosen, invites ready to be ordered, and band (possibly?) considering. 

I'm kind of stressing about the photographer and the favours though. I'm kind of short on time, with work, visa stress, and an pleasantly active social life.

BUT! it's Halloween. time to have some fun. I've already worn one costume this week, and there are more to come, so I'll be sure to add some pictures to my "decades" posts. I like making up my costumes, usually with stuff I already have + makeup, or just buying a few things. I don't like pre-made costumes you can buy online. where's the fun in that? I find creativity makes a costume so much more special. 

what are your costume ideas?? 

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JMay said...

I love all your outfit posts dear! New to your blog & now following!