when the dog bites, when the bee stings...

dress- vintage fr. Calivintage on Etsy
tights- we love colours
shoes- Steve Madden
belt- Smart Set

erm there was kind of a shortage of pictures to choose from for this shoot... cause somewhere around photo three I got stung by a hornet! first time EVER. man, it kills. I kept taking photos at first but after a couple more my leg hurt so much I went home to ice it! 

I didn't get a good shot of my shoes, which are adorable, by the way. I got them at Century 21 in New York... I feel like I've told this story already. anyways I really like wearing them with tights. some people here think it's weird, but I love wearing peeptoes with coloured tights. I know a lot of bloggers do it too, but sadly blogging is not real life.

OH. and this outfit may have sorta got me a job? some lady came up to me and my friend Kyle at the mall and asked if we wanted to work at the new American Apparel store. she said she really loved my style! how nice is that? I was very flattered. especially since several people seem to think this dress resembles a bed sheet...

love love! 

playing: Mountains Beyond Mountains- Arcade Fire


Unknown said...

I adore that dress on you! And I hope your leg feels better soon c: xx

Evie said...

Bed sheet?!!? See, this really upsets me because that is one heckkk of a beautiful dress. People here in St. John's really don't know style, it's a shame to say. When I went to England three years ago, the style they wore there then is ONLY coming HERE now!
Keep up the stylin' :)

amberly said...

In the second to last photo - you are too too cute!! I love the dress with the tights and the peep shoes with tights! I feel as if you can rock it, you own it girl! Obvsies, you may have landed a job in fashion! :)

These photos are great -- the colors, your movement...hope you are happy in new surroundings!

I've never been stun before either (knock on wood) so I hope you're doing okay!! Eeee, a hornet especially!! Ice is best!! Take care, beautiful!

Kyla said...

You look so gorgeous in these photos! Those people are crazy - this dress is amazing!