walking on sunshine

finally got some time for another little outfit shoot!

I'm working two jobs for the next couple weeks so I'm a little short on time... plus with wedding planning, apartment organizing, and trying to get visas and things sorted out for the big move, I really don't have a lot of free time.

which is sad, because I've been really enjoying my outfits lately! I'm kind of trying to do a mini-wardrobe purge in preparation for moving overseas, so I'm only wearing things I know I LOVE. and hey, there are certain perks to a smaller closet; you know that everyday you'll feel good about what you're wearing.

and back to the two jobs thing; I got one at the new American Apparel store! I've only worked two shifts but so far I love it. AND get this; they give you a free outfit! that combined with the 50% discount is really making the 12-hour days worth it.

dress- Old Navy
tee- Smart Set
belt- American Apparel 
green tights- Costa Blanca
grey tights- H&M

yes, I am wearing two pairs of tights- the green ones are lace fishnets, and although the weather's been unusually lovely lately, it's too chilly for almost-bare legs. unfortunately I forgot to get a good detail shot, but the colour's still there. 

at American Apparel you can only wear their clothes to work. for this reason many of my outfits from now on may be completely AA... so on my days off I'm really avoiding it, not because I don't love my new clothes, but because I want some variety on this blog! I'll probably be changing outfits for social functions fairly often. 

also we aren't supposed to wear colourful or noticeable makeup, so I've been having some fun with my new MAC eyeshadow palette. today I went with pink to play off the burgundy in my outfit, but the bright grape is also a favourite. 

well, I'm off! I'm taking advantage of some downtime to actually have a social life. catch you later! be jealous of my awesome AA job. :o)

playing: Jeopardy!

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