wake up, little suzie

sooo I'd like to apologize for falling seriously behind on this dressing-by-decade plan... I had a string of very busy and fun-filled days followed immediately by a slew of really awful ones. (and no, this is not my way of describing a hangover!) between birthday parties and being miserable I kind of took a mini-hiatus from the internet.
but we're all back on track now!
and without any further ado, here's the 50s!

skirt- Wal Mart
cardigan- Ruche
shirt- American Apparel
tights- we love colors
shoes- Aldo

oddly enough, I found the 50s the most challenging so far. I think it's because 50s dresses are so popular right now that it's just so easy to throw on a vintage dress and look like you've just finished baking an apple pie...

so instead of taking the easy dress route I went with a fuller skirt and and button-up; ind of a 50s diner feel more than a housewife. then I stuck to a colour palate that I could wear red lips with- because everyone knows red lips are essential for the 50s! blue eyeshadow was big too, but I toned it down by going with blue eyeliner instead. 

I've gotta say, while maybe this look doesn't come off as obviously 1950s off the bat, I'm happy with the result. I think all the elements are there, just... tweaked. :)

bedtime again! so soon? yes I know. I hope I can get the 60s photos done tomorrow before the sun goes down... it gets dark here so quickly now that by the time I get off work there's zero light left. and taking pics in the morning is too hard because I have to be dressed in all AA with no makeup by 9 or 10AM...

anyways I'll see what I can come up with!

<3 you all. 

playing: Brando sleeping beside me

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Ally said...

cute cardigan :)