puttin' on the ritz

today I had the whole day off. I was pretty excited about it, even though I really ended up doing nothing and only leaving the apartment for an hour. but it's nice to do nothing sometimes!

and I did have time to play dress up and snap a few quick photos of decade no.2 on the list.

skirt- American Apparel dress
shirt- vintage 
knee highs- we love colors
nude tights- Modcloth
blazer- vintage
shoes- Steve Madden
belt- RW&Co.
earrings- gift

so I accidentally broke my own no-vintage rule! I completely forgot this blouse was vintage till after I took the pictures. the blazer I let go because it is definitely not from the 30s, so the point still stands; I didn't cop out by wearing a completely vintage-30s outfit. 

30s style is longer hemlines, structured jackets, and feminine silhouettes. I feel like the whole decade is like the crossover between 20s and 40s business women. sophistication was definitely key. 

I tried to lighten the corporate feel with a mix of pastels and a not-so-structured hair do. (I did add a little 30s flip though, but the bangs kind of threw off the effect!) also, it was hella windy so the pictures are slightly funny...

also, how much do I love these mint green knee highs? what a fabulous colour. they will definitely come in handy in warmer weather.

so even though I'm happy to have a day off after working two jobs for a while, I feel like I'm definitely enjoying work at American Apparel. 
that said... any new job comes with your standard questions from fellow staff; "so are you in school?... well what did you do?...how come you're working at the mall then?" and I know no one means anything by it, but I'm getting tired of feeling like I have to explain myself to students in their second year or younger (or anyone, for that matter.) sometimes your dreams have to wait. and right now I am not a journalist because I'm enjoying my last few months in St. John's and I don't want to stress out over a real job when I'm leaving in a couple months. it's not fair to the people hiring me, and it certainly wouldn't do much for my references to quit a job after four months. 

I know I don't really have to explain myself, but the truth is I miss writing. I miss feeling on track to becoming what I want. I know when I move I'll have whole new opportunities- not to mention whole new challenges- but it's hard not to worry about wasting valuable time. 

I just really, really want to do something right, for once. 

...that came out a liiiittle more depressing than I anticipated. although kind of fitting since today's featured decade was the 30s...har har! 

now I'm going to watch Friends episodes on my computer and hide from the second mouse to have inhabited my apartment in two weeks, and wait for my real-life friends to get out of class so we can go to the movies. 
that was a bit of a run on sentence. see, I'm out of practice. 


playing: Hump De Bump- Red Hot Chilli Peppers



Evie said...

Ahhhh. Can that skirt be mine too?? I want one :) I may have to make a trip into that cute-ass store and buy it !!

amberly said...

You are absolutely adorable! I love the leaf pictures, and the close ups with your makeup are always so stunning! I can tell you have a very beautiful soul!

I graduated from college this past May, in journalism, and I haven't done dittitly-squat with it. I have been refusing to see many of my friends because I know everyone will ask, "So, what are you doing now?" and truth is, nothing. I'm feeling so unfulfilled and depressed because I am in limbo between two places right now too (the Midwest and New York). So I admire your outlook, and screw anyone who makes us feel crappy about the decision we make now and if we're not students or focusing on our careers but simply living our youth and figuring everything out. Whew. I guess I needed to hear that more-so.

Either way, your job at AA sounds so fun! Any chance you having a style blog was a perk for hiring you? I was thinking of that the other night, hehe, "Is Sarah going to blog more often now that she works at AA?" I love how my blogs are my friends these days...

Stay true and beautiful, darling!

Unknown said...

I hear ya on the 'what are you doing now?' questions. i never want to answer. i would say more but i would rather talk about that face to face sometime soon instead. xo