late-night snack

possible copyright infringement; these outfit photos were inspired by Delightfully Tacky! I give her full cuteness credit for her ability to make a kitchen appliance look artsy.

so first, the inspiration (courtesy of Chictopia);

my outfit shots today, aka, it was dark outside when I got home (and featuring my new favourite snack);

shirt- American Apparel 
skirt- Charlotte Russe
dotted tights- Modcloth
shoes- Aldo
belt- fr. a Forever 21 dress
yummy yummy pickles- Bick's

now if you'll excuse me I am so tired I could die. 
<3 to you all!

playing: the constant techno music from the neighbours.


Evie said...

I haz those shoes :)
They are LOVELYYY !

amberly said...

What are 1/4 Dills?? I've never heard of such a thing! They look delish, though!

As do you :) such such a cute outfit, your waist is lovely and those shoes are BALLER!! Love the inspiration, too :)