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holla blog!

today boyfriend and I went on a little harbour front romp after work. there was just enough light left for taking photos, and I was going to take full advantage!

whole outfit- American Apparel
shoes- Aldo

so this is my "style package" from work- aka my free outfit! I was SO EXCITED when I found out we got a free look, and I knew right away what I wanted; this lace-chiffon romantic little number. of course the problem arose with what to wear under/over it, since I'm always freezing in the mall air conditioning. so I took the opportunity to get a cute peter pan-collared silk top.

I have to say though, while at work today I became less and less fond of this ensemble as the day went on... I think it was just too much black-and-pastel for me. I'm more into keeping hues consistent- dark colours with dark colours, bright with bright, pastel with pastel. but I really do like how the photos turned out!

it was actually a nice day again, which is kind of a shame since I was in the mall all day and unable to enjoy it... man sometimes having a job can be such a bummer. but I don't want to be a downer- things are going really well, and I might even get a management-type position. which sadly enough would be the biggest achievement of my career life.

speaking on achievements, I'm working on getting a new and improved layout for the blog. I'm getting a little better with photo sizing, but I'm sure there are some html shortcuts that could make things a lot easier. I'm also going to try and start using photoshop and make my own header?

in closing I'd like to pose a question to all those far more tech-saavy than I; to upload photos to blogger, do you always use flickr? I find the photo quality turns out much better that way, but I'm only allowed so many a month for free. does everyone else just pay for an unlimited account?

please help! and if you have any suggestions I'd be very happy to hear them.


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Unknown said...

I love that you match the sky. Super pretty both you, the day, and the pictures that capture it all. :)

amberly said...

Both of those pieces are amazing and you'll use them time and time again!!! Classics! :)

So happy for you and your new job, love. I can't wait to see how your wardrobe expands, haha...

All of these photos are AMAZING!! The color, perspective, your lovely demure...all so great to read/look at!