blue skies, smiling at me

...ok, so there weren't exactly blue skies this particular day. but it's the only song from the 1920s that I know off hand!

today I kick of my week-plus-one-day of dressing by decade! today it's- you guessed it- the 20s.

dress- fr. Pseudio, ages ago...
hat- Forever 21
jacket- American Apparel 
tights- Smart Set
shoes- H&M
clutch- vintage gift fr. Leproust Vintage

I have to admit this photo shoot didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. the outfit looked much cuter in my head (we still don't have a mirror that goes below my neck!). or at least, it's a lot more 20s in my head. but I think mostly I was disappointed in the hair; I put in hot rollers and was hoping for bouncy curls, but my limp locks and the afternoon rain made for soft waves. 

bouncy is so much more roaring 20s. 

anyways, when I first got this idea, for this era I immediately thought loose-fitting mini dress with a cloche hat, heels, and red lips. I didn't have any t-strap pumps, but I thought my H&M oxfords filled in quite nicely! 

then I remembered this jacket from work that I loved and thought- oh how perfect! it has that oversize-chic look that so fits with 1920s outerwear. I added the matching vintage clutch and that was that! I felt really good in the outfit, but like I said... it looks so much cooler in my head!

what do you think?

side note; I haven't used Flickr in a while but I just updated to pro today- but I'm so annoyed! adding the photos to blogger has become so complicated! arg. so frustrating to dish out $25 for something that will probably give me carpal tunnel. 

playing: Ghost Riders in the Sky- Johnny Cash


Jodi said...

CUTE! that hat looks awesome on you and so does that color of blue.. and Love Johnny Cash!!

Evie said...

You are so model-esk!!
Loooveee this outfit
And You could make a santa clause suit look like it came off the runway :)

Idea for a shoot! Take otherwise tacky, or non-fashionable things and make them tottally stylin :) I has faith !!

amberly said...

LOVE the photo with you and your boy. :) You look so classic, yet 2010! I love it, and what a great little series and challenge!