3am, I must be...

I know it's been a while, but I thought I'd take a little time before beddy-bies for a quick update!

in point form?
- I'm trying to decide which visa to apply for to get into Scotland. Brandon is fine because he's already accepted to school, but I either have to apply as a dependant (ie fiance or spouse) or a "general migrant." dependant visa seems like it might be more attainable, but it means I can't work for six months once I get there. and I'se be po'. if anyone- I mean anyone at all!- has any experience with international moves and would like to offer some advice, PLEASE do so!

- I'm officially working full time at American Apparel. I worked my last Pseudio shift on friday... and after a few interesting AA situations I'm really hoping I made the right decision. I mean, the clothes are obviously better, so the discount is better, haha. but sometimes things seem weirdly intense, ya know? anyone else think retail jobs take themselves to seriously?

- I have a really fun idea for the blog this week. (well, the next eight days...) I'm going to dress each day in an outfit inspired by a different decade! I'll take cues from the 20s through the 90s, and I'll try to recreate the style of that era without using any vintage clothing. I'm pretty excited about it. tomorrow kicks off with 20s style!

ok now I really have to go to sleep.
tomorrow! <3


Laura said...

I don't really have anything helpful to offer about the Scotland situation because I imagine you've already checked into it, but I was just wondering do you have to be hired pre-move to apply for a work VISA? Craig and I got work visas when we went to Korea, but we were hired by the company before we left so I'm not sure if that's what makes the difference. What if you said you were going to do some Freelance work there or something?

Sarah K. said...

yeah, you have to have a job lined up to apply for a work visa. but a general migrant visa allows you to look for work once you get there...it's just more difficult to get, supposedly.