it was a mooonster mash!

I'm interrupting my dressing by decade for something other than bad time management; halloween!

I wore two costumes to work this week, dressed entirely in AA garb; I was the Riddler on thursday, but unfortunately wasn't able to get a picture. then yesterday I was a doll! I borrowed a petticoat and everything. it was super funny walking around the mall looking like this afterward (if the picture was closer you'd see that my makeup was actually crazy).

also yesterday, my friend Caitlin had a little pre-Mardis Gras costume party, and I dressed as Hit Girl from Kick Ass! (yes, that's two costumes- and three showers- in one day.) here in St. John's we have our Mardis Gras on Halloween. everyone gets on their best costumes then heads downtown to George St., where $20 pays your cover for the whole street and the gazillion bars on it. I didn't make it down this time, but if you don't really understand what I'm talking about maybe you can google it or something, haha.

I was really happy with my Hit Girl! right up to the last minute I thought I wasn't going to be able to pull it off- I couldn't find a purple wig OR a suitable plaid skirt. then, as I conceded defeat and went back to American Apparel to buy the petticoat and go as a doll, I remembered we had gotten a plaid skirt in that morning. a quick trip around the mall and I found some purple spray hair dye, and voila! I got to be Hit Girl after all.

Hit Girl- me
Robot from outer space- Greg
Blossom- Janet
Blues Bro. Jake- Geoff
dead golfer- Genvieve

happy halloween!!

witchy woman

I'm running out of fun places to take pictures...

I'm envious of other adorable blogger girls who seem to find time and daylight enough each day to go to a new, stunning location for photo shoots. I usually end up ten feet from my front door. but I guess that's life with no car when it gets dark at 6 PM...

so for the 60s photos, I am, in fact, ten feet from my front door. I'm a little delayed with these (which I'm sure you're getting used to by now!) but when blogging clashes with valuable sleep time, sleep usually wins!

dress- Modcloth
navy tights- Joe Fresh
shoes- Wal Mart
belt- American Apparel
coat- Kensie, fr. Biscuit

is this dress sort of a cop out? it's so obviously vintage-inspired that maybe choosing it as my 60s outfit made things a little to easy. but the fact of the matter is, it's not vintage, so the look can be achieved! all you need is a beehive-inspired hairdo, a curve-hugging wiggle dress, and a pair of heels and you'll be channelling Joan Holloway in no time. 

who, by the way, is totally my new icon. hottest thing ever. me-ow. 

as an add on, wedding planning is in full gear! I paid a visit to the florist today and am working on getting a decorator (because I'm very picky but don't want to do everything myself). 

so far we have the reception venue booked, menu chosen, bridesmaid dresses ordered, save-the-dates sent, groomsmen attire chosen, invites ready to be ordered, and band (possibly?) considering. 

I'm kind of stressing about the photographer and the favours though. I'm kind of short on time, with work, visa stress, and an pleasantly active social life.

BUT! it's Halloween. time to have some fun. I've already worn one costume this week, and there are more to come, so I'll be sure to add some pictures to my "decades" posts. I like making up my costumes, usually with stuff I already have + makeup, or just buying a few things. I don't like pre-made costumes you can buy online. where's the fun in that? I find creativity makes a costume so much more special. 

what are your costume ideas?? 

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wake up, little suzie

sooo I'd like to apologize for falling seriously behind on this dressing-by-decade plan... I had a string of very busy and fun-filled days followed immediately by a slew of really awful ones. (and no, this is not my way of describing a hangover!) between birthday parties and being miserable I kind of took a mini-hiatus from the internet.
but we're all back on track now!
and without any further ado, here's the 50s!

skirt- Wal Mart
cardigan- Ruche
shirt- American Apparel
tights- we love colors
shoes- Aldo

oddly enough, I found the 50s the most challenging so far. I think it's because 50s dresses are so popular right now that it's just so easy to throw on a vintage dress and look like you've just finished baking an apple pie...

so instead of taking the easy dress route I went with a fuller skirt and and button-up; ind of a 50s diner feel more than a housewife. then I stuck to a colour palate that I could wear red lips with- because everyone knows red lips are essential for the 50s! blue eyeshadow was big too, but I toned it down by going with blue eyeliner instead. 

I've gotta say, while maybe this look doesn't come off as obviously 1950s off the bat, I'm happy with the result. I think all the elements are there, just... tweaked. :)

bedtime again! so soon? yes I know. I hope I can get the 60s photos done tomorrow before the sun goes down... it gets dark here so quickly now that by the time I get off work there's zero light left. and taking pics in the morning is too hard because I have to be dressed in all AA with no makeup by 9 or 10AM...

anyways I'll see what I can come up with!

<3 you all. 

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a hard day's night

man, the weather is not cooperating with my blogging plans!

yesterday the wind messed with my 'do, and today it was raining too hard for outdoor pictures. and so you get a glimpse into my little, still-not-unpacked apartment and my cluttered bookshelf.

cardigan- Ruche
pants- American Apparel
gold shirt- AA
belt- AA
knee highs- we love colors
shoes- Seychelles fr. Solestruck

...can you tell I was also dressing for work?
I think the 40s presented a good way to meld dressing for AA and my blog! I always planned on wearing high-waisted pants (very 40s) and wedges (a la Allie fr. The Notebook). of course cardigans came on the scene in a big way in the 1940s, and a cute collared shirt pulled the look together. 

I even tried a doing the pin-curl waves, but it turned out a little more like crimping... at least I got the plum lipstick! apparently it was popular in the late 40s. 

and no, I did not wear these shoes to work. I still have it made it to heels-on-an-8-hour-shift status. 

now if you'll excuse me, I'm exhausted and going to bed. I got home an hour and a half ago and I have to get up for work again in seven hours. I hate when they do that. 


puttin' on the ritz

today I had the whole day off. I was pretty excited about it, even though I really ended up doing nothing and only leaving the apartment for an hour. but it's nice to do nothing sometimes!

and I did have time to play dress up and snap a few quick photos of decade no.2 on the list.

skirt- American Apparel dress
shirt- vintage 
knee highs- we love colors
nude tights- Modcloth
blazer- vintage
shoes- Steve Madden
belt- RW&Co.
earrings- gift

so I accidentally broke my own no-vintage rule! I completely forgot this blouse was vintage till after I took the pictures. the blazer I let go because it is definitely not from the 30s, so the point still stands; I didn't cop out by wearing a completely vintage-30s outfit. 

30s style is longer hemlines, structured jackets, and feminine silhouettes. I feel like the whole decade is like the crossover between 20s and 40s business women. sophistication was definitely key. 

I tried to lighten the corporate feel with a mix of pastels and a not-so-structured hair do. (I did add a little 30s flip though, but the bangs kind of threw off the effect!) also, it was hella windy so the pictures are slightly funny...

also, how much do I love these mint green knee highs? what a fabulous colour. they will definitely come in handy in warmer weather.

so even though I'm happy to have a day off after working two jobs for a while, I feel like I'm definitely enjoying work at American Apparel. 
that said... any new job comes with your standard questions from fellow staff; "so are you in school?... well what did you do? come you're working at the mall then?" and I know no one means anything by it, but I'm getting tired of feeling like I have to explain myself to students in their second year or younger (or anyone, for that matter.) sometimes your dreams have to wait. and right now I am not a journalist because I'm enjoying my last few months in St. John's and I don't want to stress out over a real job when I'm leaving in a couple months. it's not fair to the people hiring me, and it certainly wouldn't do much for my references to quit a job after four months. 

I know I don't really have to explain myself, but the truth is I miss writing. I miss feeling on track to becoming what I want. I know when I move I'll have whole new opportunities- not to mention whole new challenges- but it's hard not to worry about wasting valuable time. 

I just really, really want to do something right, for once. 

...that came out a liiiittle more depressing than I anticipated. although kind of fitting since today's featured decade was the 30s...har har! 

now I'm going to watch Friends episodes on my computer and hide from the second mouse to have inhabited my apartment in two weeks, and wait for my real-life friends to get out of class so we can go to the movies. 
that was a bit of a run on sentence. see, I'm out of practice. 


playing: Hump De Bump- Red Hot Chilli Peppers


blue skies, smiling at me

...ok, so there weren't exactly blue skies this particular day. but it's the only song from the 1920s that I know off hand!

today I kick of my week-plus-one-day of dressing by decade! today it's- you guessed it- the 20s.

dress- fr. Pseudio, ages ago...
hat- Forever 21
jacket- American Apparel 
tights- Smart Set
shoes- H&M
clutch- vintage gift fr. Leproust Vintage

I have to admit this photo shoot didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. the outfit looked much cuter in my head (we still don't have a mirror that goes below my neck!). or at least, it's a lot more 20s in my head. but I think mostly I was disappointed in the hair; I put in hot rollers and was hoping for bouncy curls, but my limp locks and the afternoon rain made for soft waves. 

bouncy is so much more roaring 20s. 

anyways, when I first got this idea, for this era I immediately thought loose-fitting mini dress with a cloche hat, heels, and red lips. I didn't have any t-strap pumps, but I thought my H&M oxfords filled in quite nicely! 

then I remembered this jacket from work that I loved and thought- oh how perfect! it has that oversize-chic look that so fits with 1920s outerwear. I added the matching vintage clutch and that was that! I felt really good in the outfit, but like I said... it looks so much cooler in my head!

what do you think?

side note; I haven't used Flickr in a while but I just updated to pro today- but I'm so annoyed! adding the photos to blogger has become so complicated! arg. so frustrating to dish out $25 for something that will probably give me carpal tunnel. 

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