was it love or fear of the cold

typical Newfoundland weather lately- completely unpredictable. one day it's freezing cold, the next day (ie, this one!) is sunny and warm.

gotta love it in this city!

dress- vintage fr. Noble Town Vintage on Etsy
tights- Smart Set
belt- fr. another dress
boots- fr. Modcloth

I gotta tell ya, I'm kind of surprised that I like these photos. not because Brando's not a perfectly apt photographer mind you, but because I'm not really feeling a lot of my dresses lately! 

I KNOW, what a terrible thing to say. I'm not sure what it is; maybe cause I've been spending so much time at a mall lately, or maybe that virtually no one my age wears vintage in this town. but I've been feeling kind of self-conscious in more retro-esque garb. 

that being said, I thought I'd take advantage of my day out of mall rat servitude wear some heels and a rainbow stripes. these are new booties from Modcloth! after my second or third paycheck I told myself I could have a little reward, and these babies (plus a pink pair that you'll see later) are the result. I love deep, rich colours. so after seeing the photos, I'm not so self-conscious today. 

well that's it! gotta run, out for coffee then maybe meeting more friends later.
it's so awesome to have friends!

playing: Winter Winds- Mumford and Sons


Kyla said...

I LOOOOOVE that dress! And these photos are breathtaking - you're gorgeous!

amberly said...

You look AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL! I love the location and all these photos are amazing, you are a wonderful model and your guy behind the camera knows what he's doing :)

Love the outfit, too! Those shoes are adorable and that dress is a terrific find!!

Hope all is well, you look great!

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

Awe what a great dress! I'm such a sucker for purple :)


Unknown said...

Oh, I wish I had little feet so I could pull off the booties look like you do... c: xx

Evie said...

Amaziinggggg outfit, girl.
I am soo jealous of that dress and shoes..

Amanda said...

These photos are gorgeous girl! I love the shades of blue, they compliment you so well. And those boots! I was going to buy a pair like them from ModCloth, but I chickened out. Maybe there will still be some in stock though ;]