long road to ruin

sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than a road.

...ironic that I tried to post this last night, and (after total loss of internet into the wee hours) a road has been the source of my trials today!

a lot's happened in the time I've been away from blogland, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts/a bit o' news with you from Sarahland.

- to explain the road situation; Newfoundland was kinda slammed by hurricane Igor yesterday, washing out roads and killing power all over the province. one of these roads happens to be the Trans Canada Highway, and since I was in Grand Falls with my folks for a dentist appointment on the weekend, I am now stuck on this side of what is apparently a giant crater cutting though the highway. so I can't get back to St. John's, to work, to Brandon, to any semblance of social life haha.

- after that long complaint, a happy thought; I'm moving to Scotland! Brandon got into physio school in Aberdeen and Glasgow, and he starts in February! it's so exciting I can't even handle it. I've dreamt of moving to the UK since I was sixteen. this is gonna be SICK.

- wedding planning is about to go into turbo-mode since moving to another continent slightly complicates things... only to the point that we have to plan the thing before we move, then come back about two months later. yes it's expensive, yes it might be a little crazy, but it's how we're doing it. neither of us can afford apartments separately anyways, so as long as I can grab up some kind of job it's the best option.

- it's officially fall, so I officially have an excuse to purchase new tights. that's what I'm going to do to cheer myself up- spend money that I'm losing by not being at work for the next few days.

I honestly had far more things to say last night, but between the frustration with the internet and the bigger frustration of immobility I've forgotten them all. I hope these few pictures will suffice for now.

maybe I can scrounge up an outfit while I'm home and get in a new post?

wish me luck.

playing: Times Like These- Foo Fighters 


Wild as a Mink said...

Yay! Awesome...I don't think I realized you were engaged...that's great! and woah, moving to Scotland! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun and goodluck, i hope you keep blogging once you're in the UK.

Unknown said...

scotland?? um, holy cow that's exciting!!!!
i'm glad i'll be able to see you a little bit in the months before you both go. i'll be back on our island tomorrow! miss you.

Kara said...

Sorry about Igor! Definitely saw clips on the news this morning and it wasn't pretty...hope everything is oK! But more importantly, congrats on moving! Thats so exciting-and a chance of a lifetime! Enjoy!! :)


Stephanie said...

Woah, Scotland! That's crazy.
I know someone who recently moved to Scotland for school with her husband, and she loves it. I've seen pictures and it's absolutely beautiful.
Have fun in Scotland! I look forward to seeing all the cute outfits and pictures around town.