the dog days are over

back again!

oh dear. I'm not even going to try to make promises about regular updating this time because it seems so lost in this hectic period. I do, however, have an excuse to offer, and that is that I have not had internet for a long time.

also, for the past few days (today excluded) I've had company! my Saskatchewan friends came to stay with us and visit St. John's- and Newfoundland- for the first time. it was so much fun showing them around and taking them to mine and Brando's favourite places. even the weather cooperated for most of it!

we spent one day visiting the usual touristy sites; Signal Hill and Cape Spear. for you who don't know, that's where the first wireless signal was sent and the most easterly point in North America, respectively. basically it's a lot of ocean, which of course people from the prairies really appreciated! we had so much fun.

dress- Urban Outfitters
jacket- Billabong
navy tights- Joe Fresh
booties- Aldo
scarf- American Eagle

we took soooo many pictures. it didn't cross my mind to take some full-body outfit shots till halfway through, but there were a bunch anyways. 

I just wanted to wear something comfortable because I figured I'd be out walking all day, so of course an easy dress was a must. there was no particular reason for choosing this one, but I am liking how the orange contrasts with the muted landscape! the scarf was also grabbed out of necessity and flat, cozy boots seemed the way to go for tired footsies...

so while not a lot of thought went into this outfit, I am quite happy with it! and we got some great pictures. I'm so glad Brandon has a functioning car for now because I love little day adventures like this. 

I love my province (and the friends who come visit it). :)

playing: Dog Days- Florence & the Machine


S + Y said...

This is such an adorable look! I love how the orange dress adds a colorful punch to the whole outfit. ;)
You're living proof that you can dress comfy AND chic at the same time!


amberly said...

You look amazing, girl!! I love your scarf, your adorable demure attitude in the pictures, and the location! Oh -- and the jacket!!

Your friends are lucky to have such a great friend like you!! So beautiful. Keep these pictures forever! :)

Wishing you all the best, and hope to see a post from you again soon -- but enjoy life, your man, and your friends!! Hope all is well!


Kyla said...

Welcome back! These photos are GORGEOUS!