was it love or fear of the cold

typical Newfoundland weather lately- completely unpredictable. one day it's freezing cold, the next day (ie, this one!) is sunny and warm.

gotta love it in this city!

dress- vintage fr. Noble Town Vintage on Etsy
tights- Smart Set
belt- fr. another dress
boots- fr. Modcloth

I gotta tell ya, I'm kind of surprised that I like these photos. not because Brando's not a perfectly apt photographer mind you, but because I'm not really feeling a lot of my dresses lately! 

I KNOW, what a terrible thing to say. I'm not sure what it is; maybe cause I've been spending so much time at a mall lately, or maybe that virtually no one my age wears vintage in this town. but I've been feeling kind of self-conscious in more retro-esque garb. 

that being said, I thought I'd take advantage of my day out of mall rat servitude wear some heels and a rainbow stripes. these are new booties from Modcloth! after my second or third paycheck I told myself I could have a little reward, and these babies (plus a pink pair that you'll see later) are the result. I love deep, rich colours. so after seeing the photos, I'm not so self-conscious today. 

well that's it! gotta run, out for coffee then maybe meeting more friends later.
it's so awesome to have friends!

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measure a year

ok, I tried to take outfit photos today, but with no tripod and no fill-in photographer hanging around... it ended in sort of disaster. 

BUT I totally missed my blog birthday, so I had to post something!
that's right, on September 13 it was officially one year since I started my blog.

so happy birthday to the ocean in [my] bedroom!

[photo cred: no idea, I got it on google :)]

long road to ruin

sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than a road.

...ironic that I tried to post this last night, and (after total loss of internet into the wee hours) a road has been the source of my trials today!

a lot's happened in the time I've been away from blogland, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts/a bit o' news with you from Sarahland.

- to explain the road situation; Newfoundland was kinda slammed by hurricane Igor yesterday, washing out roads and killing power all over the province. one of these roads happens to be the Trans Canada Highway, and since I was in Grand Falls with my folks for a dentist appointment on the weekend, I am now stuck on this side of what is apparently a giant crater cutting though the highway. so I can't get back to St. John's, to work, to Brandon, to any semblance of social life haha.

- after that long complaint, a happy thought; I'm moving to Scotland! Brandon got into physio school in Aberdeen and Glasgow, and he starts in February! it's so exciting I can't even handle it. I've dreamt of moving to the UK since I was sixteen. this is gonna be SICK.

- wedding planning is about to go into turbo-mode since moving to another continent slightly complicates things... only to the point that we have to plan the thing before we move, then come back about two months later. yes it's expensive, yes it might be a little crazy, but it's how we're doing it. neither of us can afford apartments separately anyways, so as long as I can grab up some kind of job it's the best option.

- it's officially fall, so I officially have an excuse to purchase new tights. that's what I'm going to do to cheer myself up- spend money that I'm losing by not being at work for the next few days.

I honestly had far more things to say last night, but between the frustration with the internet and the bigger frustration of immobility I've forgotten them all. I hope these few pictures will suffice for now.

maybe I can scrounge up an outfit while I'm home and get in a new post?

wish me luck.

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the dog days are over

back again!

oh dear. I'm not even going to try to make promises about regular updating this time because it seems so lost in this hectic period. I do, however, have an excuse to offer, and that is that I have not had internet for a long time.

also, for the past few days (today excluded) I've had company! my Saskatchewan friends came to stay with us and visit St. John's- and Newfoundland- for the first time. it was so much fun showing them around and taking them to mine and Brando's favourite places. even the weather cooperated for most of it!

we spent one day visiting the usual touristy sites; Signal Hill and Cape Spear. for you who don't know, that's where the first wireless signal was sent and the most easterly point in North America, respectively. basically it's a lot of ocean, which of course people from the prairies really appreciated! we had so much fun.

dress- Urban Outfitters
jacket- Billabong
navy tights- Joe Fresh
booties- Aldo
scarf- American Eagle

we took soooo many pictures. it didn't cross my mind to take some full-body outfit shots till halfway through, but there were a bunch anyways. 

I just wanted to wear something comfortable because I figured I'd be out walking all day, so of course an easy dress was a must. there was no particular reason for choosing this one, but I am liking how the orange contrasts with the muted landscape! the scarf was also grabbed out of necessity and flat, cozy boots seemed the way to go for tired footsies...

so while not a lot of thought went into this outfit, I am quite happy with it! and we got some great pictures. I'm so glad Brandon has a functioning car for now because I love little day adventures like this. 

I love my province (and the friends who come visit it). :)

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la vie boheme

so it's been a while since I've done one of my style inspiration posts! it's mostly because I find it strangely difficult to find photos of the people I want to feature, since most of my style icons are fictional movie characters...

I've been trying to gather pictures of Juliette Binoche in Chocolat (which is of course an amazing film) and I decided it was about time to give it a go, good pics or not!

what I love about Juliette's character Vianne's wardrobe is that it's so perfectly French-50s-bohemian all at once. she has the sweetest dresses, full skirts, and a little colourful, gypsy edge; the movie often draws attention to her red pumps, although you can't see them in any of these pictures!

this outfit is so totally 50s with the cardigan and the plaid, but Vianne jazzes it up with a pretty scarf! I love these colours.

you can't even see this outfit very well, but I promise it's cute! it's just kind of to show that she's into cardigans and has the prettiest hair. I think I want to live in France in the 50s...

and who can resist a little Johnny Depp on the blog?
while he is clearly the star of this scene in my opinion, Vianne is wearing one of my favourite outfits of hers..first of all, I'm a big fan of red and blue together. second, she is wearing what appears to be a beaded, waist-synching belt! I love a good belt. 

clearly she loves her blue cardigan. and I love this adorable dress! the neckline is just darling. and I really enjoy the tendency to wear contrasting colours.

Vianne's wardrobe is fabulous, but Josephine cleans up pretty well too! she has several adorable ensembles in the movie, but this is the only one I could get a good pic of. love the wrap blouse!

basically all I've shown you is that you really need to watch Chocolat to get the full effect of its leading ladies' stellar style! SO DO IT. it will make you appreciate your cardigans and fall in love with long, colourful skirts. 

so I've put together a little outfit that I think Vianne would like; not necessarily exactly a 50s getup, but inspired by the movie's colour schemes and class. all items are from Modcloth, and incidentally are on my wish list right now!

of course the necessity is a gorgeous pastel cardi. I'm in love with the lace trim; very French to me!

RED! sticking with the red-and-blue. not quite the same silhouette, but a definite 50s vibe.

I added a frilly scarf for a little bohemian flare...

it's scary how well these shoes match the dress and cardigan. but I also picked them because, well, who wouldn't adore an oxford heel tied with ribbons??

 and that's my little post on the lovely miss Vianne/Juliette Binoche! now go watch Chocolat. or buy me one of the above items. :o)

goodnight. <3

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