you paper tigers

I am becoming a terrible blogger. of course not having internet for several days is a major factor, but I do feel like I'm neglecting my hobby!

anyways it's been a hectic week (again) so I thought I'd continue this little update in point form!

- I'm going through an obsession with bows. you can see why this outfit of Selective Potential's is a new favourite.

- New York happens in less than two weeks! so excited for everything- travel, shopping, wedding dresses!

- I'm falling back in love with books. right now I'm reading Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood, which is fantastic but reeeally long. I can't wait to get on to some of the new one's I bought.

- I can't stop browsing Modcloth. I really want these. 

- I'm newly addicted to crime dramas. it's the only thing on late night tv. I'm starting to have a very well-rounded knowledge of the law.

- I'm going to be making some blog changes soon to make things prettier for you all. :)

- did I mention going to NYC?

I also have some outfit photos to share, but it's late and I'm very sleepy. so we'll save that for tomorrow! hope you had a lovely weekend.

playing: The Resistance- Anberlin

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Madeline Veenstra said...

I love Tieka's blog, it's gorgeous :) That's so exciting about NY. I would love to go wedding dress shopping there. Good luck :)