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warning: picture heavy post to follow!

it was a warm sunny day so Brando and I went to the park to feed the ducks. I brought a pair of heels for funsies. what resulted was a ton of pictures and some new feathered friends.

dress- Ya, fr. Pseudio
shoes- Madden Girl
sun glasses- nyc street vendor
bag- Costa Blanca

so, have I mentioned yet that I got a job at a clothing store?
yeah. Pseudio. honestly I never shopped there a whole lot before but after being there two weeks I think that's going to change very quickly. we get a 50% discount. and there is at least one rack of dresses. one of which I am wearing here!

also, this is the first time I've worn heels (other than for one or two outfit shots) since I left Halifax. what can I say, the hilly and ill-paven streets of St. John's make three-inch heels seem daunting and completely illogical. 

basically I'm paranoid and I miss my shoes...

back to the job... it's contributing to my slack updating lately. I know I keep making excuses, but it's just that since finishing school I really haven't settled into any sort of routine. so it's hard to make time for photos and blogging. but now that I've got myself a job, once we move into our apartment and have some semblance of normalcy again I'm sure I'll be back to regular posting! 

I swear it's not that I'm losing interest, just losing time. and I SO appreciate those of you that keep checking back and reading this thing, and especially leaving comments! your support keeps me motivated to find the time. :o)

playing: Oh My God- Ida Maria


E said...

you look gorgeous! those heels are stunning!

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Kara said...

this is such a flattering dress on you! gorgeous pictures and a beautiful day! :)