hey y'all.

so as promised, I finally have some new outfit pictures for you... although they aren't exactly high quality photographs! I'm going to hit up a few people for photography advice, I think. I'm improving at much to slow a rate in my opinion.

tee- gift
skirt- Lush
tights- Costa Blanca
flats- Primark
green necklace- fr. Africa
lace necklace- Postlapsaria

I went through a peacock phase for a short time where I wanted anything to do with peacock feathers. I didn't actually end up buying much, but I got this t-shirt from a friend. I think I like the feathers so much because of the blues and greens combined- I've always liked that colour combo. 

I couldn't decide which necklace to wear with the outfit though! I liked that the white lace tied in with the skirt, but I thought the green beads looked very peacock-y. so why not go with both? a little overkill is alright once in a while. 

the beads are actually from my trip to Africa a couple years ago. if I remember correctly, they're malachite? which is very popular in Malawi, where I was. it was the most complicated trip of my life. but I love Africa and would like to go back someday, to do something useful. 

anyways the necklace is special to me...but at the same time it makes me feel kind of sad. 

sure is pretty though, ain't it?

playing: Dream Catch Me- Newton Faulkner 

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E said...

i love your top!! gorgeous peacock print!