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warning: picture heavy post to follow!

it was a warm sunny day so Brando and I went to the park to feed the ducks. I brought a pair of heels for funsies. what resulted was a ton of pictures and some new feathered friends.

dress- Ya, fr. Pseudio
shoes- Madden Girl
sun glasses- nyc street vendor
bag- Costa Blanca

so, have I mentioned yet that I got a job at a clothing store?
yeah. Pseudio. honestly I never shopped there a whole lot before but after being there two weeks I think that's going to change very quickly. we get a 50% discount. and there is at least one rack of dresses. one of which I am wearing here!

also, this is the first time I've worn heels (other than for one or two outfit shots) since I left Halifax. what can I say, the hilly and ill-paven streets of St. John's make three-inch heels seem daunting and completely illogical. 

basically I'm paranoid and I miss my shoes...

back to the job... it's contributing to my slack updating lately. I know I keep making excuses, but it's just that since finishing school I really haven't settled into any sort of routine. so it's hard to make time for photos and blogging. but now that I've got myself a job, once we move into our apartment and have some semblance of normalcy again I'm sure I'll be back to regular posting! 

I swear it's not that I'm losing interest, just losing time. and I SO appreciate those of you that keep checking back and reading this thing, and especially leaving comments! your support keeps me motivated to find the time. :o)

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starry, starry night

me again!

first off, thanks to those who commented on my last post. it was a fantastic trip, and your enthusiasm is very sweet! I look at a picture of my dress every day and get more and more excited. I still have seven months to plan, but everyone knows time flies...

which incidentally is why this will be short n' sweet! I started a new job this past week (job, not career, mind you) and honestly I'm not adjusting very well to having a schedule again haha. I'm pooped right now. and it certainly doesn't help that I am NOT a morning person.

...all that to say I have to go to bed, and here's a new outfit post (finally!)

dress- Forever 21
tights- Primark
booties- Aldo

a very simple outfit, since I am quickly running out of ideas after living out of the same suitcase for two and a half weeks! but it is the first wear for this dress, one of my few purchases in nyc (my sister was obsessed with going to Forever 21 in the flesh).

also, it wasn't planned, but having Starry Night in the background is kind of fitting. I didn't realize the pattern in my dress sort of mirrored the swirls! oh how life imitates art...

and yes, that is a bed.

and yes, I jumped on it. 


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new york, new york

I thought I'd share a few of the hundreds of photos from my family trip to the Big Apple. 
I'd love to share the most important picture with you- my WEDDING DRESS!- but of course I'd like it to be a surprise for most people. 
but it's perfect and I'm soooo excited!

(empire state of mind...)
(chillin' in Central Park, and my wedding dress search)
(you're fired?)
(sea lion show at the Central Park zoo!)
(papa paying for some yummy Katz's sandwiches!)
(my sis with her new Abercrombie bf, and me being a goof)
(room with a view)
(Egyptian art at the Met)
(my family!)

and now we return to our regularly scheduled program...

don't let the bastards grind you down

hi guys!

don't really have a time for a real post, but I thought I'd say hello (and leave you a photo) so you know I'm still alive.

this band is phenomenal. Hey Rosetta!. look 'em up.

also, thanks for those who read my last post, and certainly to those who left kind words of encouragement!

be back soon.

sunshine on a cloudy day

I have some sunny photos for you on a not-so-sunny day...

top- Winners
skirt- BB Dakota
shoes- Wal-Mart

ok I'll try not to be too gloomy...

I'm going to be honest about why I've been having trouble keeping up this blog lately. it's hard for me to be excited about clothes right now, particularly clothes that are mine.

I've been having some rough times with my body image. I know it probably sounds silly, but in the past few months I've been constantly gaining weight and I'm not sure why. I've been exercising more than ever, and trying hard to watch what I eat (with periods of exception, of course...) but nothing seems to even slow down the process. but the real sad part is that I don't like getting dressed as much as I used to. a lot of my clothes don't fit any more, but I can't bring myself to give them all up. so it's not as much fun to talk fashion and to post pictures of myself when I'm not comfortable with what's there.

I'm not sure exactly why I'm putting this on the internet; partially to explain my kind of obvious lack of enthusiasm lately, yes. but I guess to kind of dispel the myth that to take dozens of photos of yourself dressed up everyday takes some sort of narcissism.

I'm no expert, but it doesn't seem to me that personal style bloggers are often full of themselves or think they're models (although plenty are pretty enough to be!). I'm sure anyone, no matter how comfy they seem in their own (second) skin, can get down on their appearance.

but it's encouraging that fashion bloggers come in all shapes and sizes and styles! all these beautiful girls dressing for themselves and being happy with what they present to the world. it's easy to just envy a girl's height or thin legs or luscious hair, but I'm trying to see their confidence as inspiration.

sorry to be such a serious fuddy-duddy, but I wanted to put it out there.

thanks for reading. :o)


hey y'all.

so as promised, I finally have some new outfit pictures for you... although they aren't exactly high quality photographs! I'm going to hit up a few people for photography advice, I think. I'm improving at much to slow a rate in my opinion.

tee- gift
skirt- Lush
tights- Costa Blanca
flats- Primark
green necklace- fr. Africa
lace necklace- Postlapsaria

I went through a peacock phase for a short time where I wanted anything to do with peacock feathers. I didn't actually end up buying much, but I got this t-shirt from a friend. I think I like the feathers so much because of the blues and greens combined- I've always liked that colour combo. 

I couldn't decide which necklace to wear with the outfit though! I liked that the white lace tied in with the skirt, but I thought the green beads looked very peacock-y. so why not go with both? a little overkill is alright once in a while. 

the beads are actually from my trip to Africa a couple years ago. if I remember correctly, they're malachite? which is very popular in Malawi, where I was. it was the most complicated trip of my life. but I love Africa and would like to go back someday, to do something useful. 

anyways the necklace is special to me...but at the same time it makes me feel kind of sad. 

sure is pretty though, ain't it?

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you paper tigers

I am becoming a terrible blogger. of course not having internet for several days is a major factor, but I do feel like I'm neglecting my hobby!

anyways it's been a hectic week (again) so I thought I'd continue this little update in point form!

- I'm going through an obsession with bows. you can see why this outfit of Selective Potential's is a new favourite.

- New York happens in less than two weeks! so excited for everything- travel, shopping, wedding dresses!

- I'm falling back in love with books. right now I'm reading Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood, which is fantastic but reeeally long. I can't wait to get on to some of the new one's I bought.

- I can't stop browsing Modcloth. I really want these. 

- I'm newly addicted to crime dramas. it's the only thing on late night tv. I'm starting to have a very well-rounded knowledge of the law.

- I'm going to be making some blog changes soon to make things prettier for you all. :)

- did I mention going to NYC?

I also have some outfit photos to share, but it's late and I'm very sleepy. so we'll save that for tomorrow! hope you had a lovely weekend.

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