you'll wear a white dress

I kiiind of have wedding dresses on the brain.

since our little family excursion to NYC is creeping ever nearer, I've been trying to narrow down what I'm looking for in a wedding dress... as someone who loves clothes, it is proving more difficult than I thought!

I'm finding it far easier to explain what I DON'T want; no mermaid, no beading, no corsets, no ruching, no pick-ups, no train. but for what I do like... I'm kind of all over the place.

I LOVE off-the-shoulder. I like the idea of having some sort of straps... strapless just seems so overdone. and I love love love flowy-ness. 
plus, my friend Janet told me it looked like a Belle dress a la Beauty and The Beast!

ignore the angry face and notice the pretty flower appliques! I'm not big on lace but this one is just so fairy-like. and I think I like empire waists. 

this one is completely different... I love flowy, ethereal dresses, but I also love DETAIL. I want to look different and fun, and this dress definitely is. plus, it's tea-length so I could wear wicked shoes. 

one of my key search words is certainly not simplicity (see previous pick!) but something about the neckline and the tulle of this dress really appeals to me. it might be a little old for me...but the neckline is fabulous.

a family favourite. my mom really likes this one (please forgive the bad photo, I originally saw it in a magazine and this is the best I could find online). again, off-the-shoulder, and I love the ruffled bottom.

this one has also been a front runner... I really like the lace accent at the waist, and the gorgeous skirt reminds me of a fairy princess! and check out the amazing back...

so you see... I'm kind of going in two different directions. but I think things I'm looking for are fun, flowy, romantic, detailed, and different. that's about as far as I can get it narrowed down.

there are WAY more pictures I have saved, btw. I have cut up four magazines and prowled dozens of websites, including some that you can't steal pictures from. but I'm mostly just looking for an idea, or a feeling, of the type of dress I want.'s going to be one wild shopping day, haha.

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Jen Hsieh said...

that last one is absolutely stunning, especially from the back! good luck with the wedding dress hunt. i know when it comes time for me to start the search i'm going to be going crazy hahaha :)

Mademoiselle Ruta said...

I love all these dress. So gorgeous, although if I got married I think I'd like a simple 20's dress. Flapper-esque style.

Zabrinah said...

The first dress is maybe my favorite wedding dress EVER. I love it so much. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


PK said...

well now, from what I understand (via the grapevine, of course) your dad has great taste when it comes to wedding dresses and will probably play the role of wedding planner on this little excursion to NYC.