the world is spinning 'round

we meet again, dear readers!

sorry for my long absence from bloggerland, but I've finally moved! things were insanely busy, with packing and moving and more packing and unpacking and I'm at my parents' with a TON of family visiting. it's kind of crazy but good. it's nice to just not do anything for a while. so while I apologize for abandoning you, dear readers.. I'm not that sorry, haha.

I'm in the process of compiling an entry for the chictopia remix contest (if I haven't missed the deadline already!) which I'm excited about! I don't really think I'll win- I've never won anything in my life haha- but I'm very interested in seeing the other entries.

for mine I'm using the black H&M dress I'm in love with, and I already have two outfits with it. this is the first one;

so I thought for the other two I'd use it as a top and a skirt. this is remix #1; and my last photo shoot in Halifax. I won't be missing the staring neighbours!

top(dress)- H&M
skirt- BB Dakota fr. Modcloth
tights- We Love Colors
shoes- Aldo

one of the pros to buying this dress is that it also makes a great simple top; and a girl always needs a cute black top. it goes swell with my latest Modcloth purchase. what can I say, I can't resist rainbow forever! I like how the sleek top balances the busy bottom, especially with the popping red tights. 

but the real stars of this outfit are the shoes! I've been wearing these babies like crazy the past month or so. they remind me of tap dancing shoes! and I love the little cut outs. perfect for colourful tights. 

...halfway through this post I was called away for a back yard fire/marshmallow roast! this has been my life lately. I could certainly do worse. but I am now extremely tired, so I must leave you abruptly. things are going to be hectic for a while, but I have lots to tell you all!

so till next time...

playing: Champagne Supernova- Oasis


E said...

cute cute cute! I love thow the red tights matches that skirt! so pretty!

tess said...

I love that colorful skirt and Oasis

Jen Hsieh said...

what a fantastic way to wear a dress! i love dresses that can be worn a million different ways! :) congrats on moving and good luck with all the unpacking!