michelle ma belle

in the summer the days of the week don't matter.
...not for the jobless, anyways. ahem.

but this wednesday was a pretty decent one. I got a lot done... but not nearly enough at the same time. luckily I have warm sunshine and bbq sauce to help me de-stress.

I did manage to finally get some nice outdoor outfit photos again! except... I was kind of off-center in all of them. oops.

tank top- H&M
skirt- Ruche
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

I felt very French in this ensemble. must be the florals/stripes, red lips, and clothesline! something about it makes me think of rural 50s Europe.

honestly, lately I've just been throwing things together that are in arms reach. almost all my clothes are in boxes or bags up in our attic, which is about, oh, a billion degrees in the summer. I avoid going up there at all costs. so whatever I brought down the first couple times is what I've been wearing!

so basically, not a lot of thought went into this look. mostly just it's hot, and I need to wear a shirt and bottoms. my mom kept giggling and telling me the shirt and skirt didn't match. hello, it's called mixing prints, mommm. 

ok I'm really distracted by late night tv, as usual. everything good happens after midnight. so let's wrap this up, and I'll catch ya tomorrow! 


playing: Spectacular Views- Rilo Kiley


Jen Hsieh said...

these pictures really do have a french-vibe to them, especially with the towels on the clothesline (you should take pictures with them more often! :P). loving that shade of lipstick on you, by the way.

Stevia said...

i've been seeing stripes and floral prints combo lately
and I'm loving it
love the red lip too
very french like indeed ;)

come visit my blog..

Kyla said...

Love this! They're great pictures of you and the stripes with that floral are very french indeed! You look beautiful!