and I'll be happier...

back again for a little life update!

so my hectic week home is over, and I've moved on to an equally busy week of visiting St. John's. Brando and myself drove in yesterday and I'm already immensely happy with the time we've had. I took some nice pictures, so mayhap I'll share them with you later!

(not sure why that one picture is extra-bright...)
shirt- American Apparel 
skirt- Lush fr. Envy
tights- We Love Colors
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

these are not the nice St. John's pictures I will share with you, but they are my latest outfit pics. my dad's reaction to this one was "I didn't know orange and pink went together." well, first, I think the top is gold. second... I'm not too concerned with how well they go together! I like the colourfulness. 

actually when I first bought the shirt this is how I pictured wearing it. the mannequin had it tied like this.... but I think the people at the store made it look nicer! oh well. I do like the little bow-ish thing. and I guess I just like the autumn feel of the palate... even though it's finally starting to feel like summer. 

and this summer is turning into a goody! (like that segue there?) so the big news right now is I'm going on a family trip in August to NYC!! YAY!! my return to the big apple. I am so excited! 

and the coolest part? we're going wedding dress shopping! HOW COOL IS THAT. my parents understood that there was kind of a catch-22 with getting a dress in Newfoundland... like if I didn't travel I could spend more, obviously... but there are no dresses worth spending on unless you travel. so this way we finally get a family vacation for the first time since I was like, seven. 

I am very much looking forward to this. :o)

anywho, gotta run; off to Chapters to look at wedding magazines with my sister! catch you later. 

playing: Happier- A Fine Frenzy


Jen Hsieh said...

orange and pink definitely go well together if you pair the right shades, which you did! i especially love your shoes. :)

have fun dress shopping!!! that's so exciting!

E said...

cool colour combination! i love how your photos turned out under that lighting :)

Kyla said...

These pictures are amazing with the lighting and orange wall! Love the outfit and for the record, link and orange totally go together!