you'll wear a white dress

I kiiind of have wedding dresses on the brain.

since our little family excursion to NYC is creeping ever nearer, I've been trying to narrow down what I'm looking for in a wedding dress... as someone who loves clothes, it is proving more difficult than I thought!

I'm finding it far easier to explain what I DON'T want; no mermaid, no beading, no corsets, no ruching, no pick-ups, no train. but for what I do like... I'm kind of all over the place.

I LOVE off-the-shoulder. I like the idea of having some sort of straps... strapless just seems so overdone. and I love love love flowy-ness. 
plus, my friend Janet told me it looked like a Belle dress a la Beauty and The Beast!

ignore the angry face and notice the pretty flower appliques! I'm not big on lace but this one is just so fairy-like. and I think I like empire waists. 

this one is completely different... I love flowy, ethereal dresses, but I also love DETAIL. I want to look different and fun, and this dress definitely is. plus, it's tea-length so I could wear wicked shoes. 

one of my key search words is certainly not simplicity (see previous pick!) but something about the neckline and the tulle of this dress really appeals to me. it might be a little old for me...but the neckline is fabulous.

a family favourite. my mom really likes this one (please forgive the bad photo, I originally saw it in a magazine and this is the best I could find online). again, off-the-shoulder, and I love the ruffled bottom.

this one has also been a front runner... I really like the lace accent at the waist, and the gorgeous skirt reminds me of a fairy princess! and check out the amazing back...

so you see... I'm kind of going in two different directions. but I think things I'm looking for are fun, flowy, romantic, detailed, and different. that's about as far as I can get it narrowed down.

there are WAY more pictures I have saved, btw. I have cut up four magazines and prowled dozens of websites, including some that you can't steal pictures from. but I'm mostly just looking for an idea, or a feeling, of the type of dress I want.'s going to be one wild shopping day, haha.

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michelle ma belle

in the summer the days of the week don't matter.
...not for the jobless, anyways. ahem.

but this wednesday was a pretty decent one. I got a lot done... but not nearly enough at the same time. luckily I have warm sunshine and bbq sauce to help me de-stress.

I did manage to finally get some nice outdoor outfit photos again! except... I was kind of off-center in all of them. oops.

tank top- H&M
skirt- Ruche
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

I felt very French in this ensemble. must be the florals/stripes, red lips, and clothesline! something about it makes me think of rural 50s Europe.

honestly, lately I've just been throwing things together that are in arms reach. almost all my clothes are in boxes or bags up in our attic, which is about, oh, a billion degrees in the summer. I avoid going up there at all costs. so whatever I brought down the first couple times is what I've been wearing!

so basically, not a lot of thought went into this look. mostly just it's hot, and I need to wear a shirt and bottoms. my mom kept giggling and telling me the shirt and skirt didn't match. hello, it's called mixing prints, mommm. 

ok I'm really distracted by late night tv, as usual. everything good happens after midnight. so let's wrap this up, and I'll catch ya tomorrow! 


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you should be wilder, you're no fun at all

once again, I'm back from a busy, internet-free week. I really should start doing that thing where you pre-set your posts for certain days... all in hindsight I guess!!

since I didn't take outfit pictures while I was away, I thought I'd share a few photos of the closest thing I've got to a hometown. then I guess I'll try to regain some semblance of regular fashion blogging...

it was a week of sunshine, stress, and swimming pools. the sunshine and swimming definitely minimized the other. oh, and the hot tub. sa-weeet. 

love love from a sleepy and sunnified girl. 
who just realized Paul Rudd is in Clueless. 
life is full of excitement.

and I'll be happier...

back again for a little life update!

so my hectic week home is over, and I've moved on to an equally busy week of visiting St. John's. Brando and myself drove in yesterday and I'm already immensely happy with the time we've had. I took some nice pictures, so mayhap I'll share them with you later!

(not sure why that one picture is extra-bright...)
shirt- American Apparel 
skirt- Lush fr. Envy
tights- We Love Colors
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

these are not the nice St. John's pictures I will share with you, but they are my latest outfit pics. my dad's reaction to this one was "I didn't know orange and pink went together." well, first, I think the top is gold. second... I'm not too concerned with how well they go together! I like the colourfulness. 

actually when I first bought the shirt this is how I pictured wearing it. the mannequin had it tied like this.... but I think the people at the store made it look nicer! oh well. I do like the little bow-ish thing. and I guess I just like the autumn feel of the palate... even though it's finally starting to feel like summer. 

and this summer is turning into a goody! (like that segue there?) so the big news right now is I'm going on a family trip in August to NYC!! YAY!! my return to the big apple. I am so excited! 

and the coolest part? we're going wedding dress shopping! HOW COOL IS THAT. my parents understood that there was kind of a catch-22 with getting a dress in Newfoundland... like if I didn't travel I could spend more, obviously... but there are no dresses worth spending on unless you travel. so this way we finally get a family vacation for the first time since I was like, seven. 

I am very much looking forward to this. :o)

anywho, gotta run; off to Chapters to look at wedding magazines with my sister! catch you later. 

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the world is spinning 'round

we meet again, dear readers!

sorry for my long absence from bloggerland, but I've finally moved! things were insanely busy, with packing and moving and more packing and unpacking and I'm at my parents' with a TON of family visiting. it's kind of crazy but good. it's nice to just not do anything for a while. so while I apologize for abandoning you, dear readers.. I'm not that sorry, haha.

I'm in the process of compiling an entry for the chictopia remix contest (if I haven't missed the deadline already!) which I'm excited about! I don't really think I'll win- I've never won anything in my life haha- but I'm very interested in seeing the other entries.

for mine I'm using the black H&M dress I'm in love with, and I already have two outfits with it. this is the first one;

so I thought for the other two I'd use it as a top and a skirt. this is remix #1; and my last photo shoot in Halifax. I won't be missing the staring neighbours!

top(dress)- H&M
skirt- BB Dakota fr. Modcloth
tights- We Love Colors
shoes- Aldo

one of the pros to buying this dress is that it also makes a great simple top; and a girl always needs a cute black top. it goes swell with my latest Modcloth purchase. what can I say, I can't resist rainbow forever! I like how the sleek top balances the busy bottom, especially with the popping red tights. 

but the real stars of this outfit are the shoes! I've been wearing these babies like crazy the past month or so. they remind me of tap dancing shoes! and I love the little cut outs. perfect for colourful tights. 

...halfway through this post I was called away for a back yard fire/marshmallow roast! this has been my life lately. I could certainly do worse. but I am now extremely tired, so I must leave you abruptly. things are going to be hectic for a while, but I have lots to tell you all!

so till next time...

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