this is not a test

hello friends!

it's been a busy weekend, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping you up to date. I worked thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, so that killed a lot of my time... but now I'm done! like really done. I am no longer employed at Burrito Jax. 

it's kind of a relief- I love the food, but working there was starting to get on my nerves. yes I am very finicky when it comes to jobs but I mean, why settle? it's almost every day for most of the day, so you should at least find your job tolerable. 

mostly I'm just relieved to have more time to pack and say goodbye to Halifax. I'm not going to miss much about this city, but it does have it's nice points. I'd like to spend my last week here enjoying them. 

anyways! as promised, here is the dress Brando-man gave me for my birthday. not too bad, eh? mind now I told him months ago I loved it, so he wasn't completely on his own... but a great present nonetheless!

dress- birthday gift
blazer- vintage fr. Carton Company on Etsy
booties- Aldo
sunglasses- Paris street vendor

cute, hey? I love the water colour-type print and soft colours. it's great for sunny spring days reading in the Public Gardens. I felt really casual-city chick in this outfit... like I could go to New York and not feel like a rainbow themed dork! 

oh oh! I forgot- we saw The A-Team on friday, and I'm a little surprised and very delighted to say I LOVED it. call me crazy, but I thought it was funny, kind of clever, and thoroughly entertaining! there are so many good movies coming out this summer, I'm going to explode. and spend a lot of weekends at home driving to St. John's to watch them. :o)

any movies you are particularly looking forward to? next on my list is Jonah Hex. <3 DC comics.

playing: This Is Not a Test- She & Him


Phuong said...

nice dress, looks good on you

Anonymous said...

that dress is so cute! :D

KRISTY said...

love the prints on the dress and the sweetheart neckline :)

And yes, I was surprised of how good A-Team was. Though it's a tad long (they could have done it in 1.5 hrs), I enjoyed the male bonding and the jokes. Face was hot, but Murdock was hilarious and he stole the show imo ;)

Kara said...

this is a super cute dress and I love the choice of blazer with it! Also your hair looks great here, had to mention it!! :)

Wild as a Mink said...

THat dress is pretty darn awesome! I love how you paired it up with the blazer and boots too. Looks great like that.

Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Love the Jane Birkin Bangs! Tres chic.

Kyla said...

LOVE this look! That dress is perfect and it's so grown up and chic with the blazer!