pretty little things

I am very infatuated with vintage shopping at the moment. 

not good timing, since I just finished up at my job, and today's paycheck was only $135! what? (I'm assuming it's a weird pay-period timing thing and my final cheque will be more helpful.) 

but there's something about sunshine that makes me want to buy pretty dresses and flats and dance on the beach with the wind (I  think I was a hippie in a past life). but I'm trying to be good. I find myself leaning more towards things lately than clothes, which might be a step in the right direction?

here are some adorable Modcloth items that I'm working very hard to resist!
- I really do need a pencil case, and this one is just so cute and pretty that I wouldn't feel like I was in elementary school again.

- a lap top bag! with birdies! so convenient, and so girly...

- this speaks for itself. the sewing class is really not doing it for me; I definitely need further instruction.
- paper clips, shaped like BUNNIES! best/most unnecessarily cute thing ever. I would put them on all my resumes probably string the rest around my bedroom like garland, haha. 

so you see all those things are useful. and pretty. and someone once said that anything worth having should be useful or beautiful, so if something is both that's even better, right?

ok on to photos.

dress- Topshop, thrifted fr. Buffalo Exchange
shirt- H&M
socks- gift
shoes- Aldo

I realized I hadn't worn this dress in a really long time, and I think it's a great find! so I thought it was worth breaking it out again. the fabric is a little heavy for summer, but it's still spring anyways and it wasn't as warm as the sunshine made it look!

I'm really comfortable in this dress, but I realized after looking at these photos (and some that didn't get posted!) that I was not wearing the right underwear haha. also, the shirt bunched up a lot and made it look like I had love handles... not flattering. unfortunately I took photos at the end of my day, so the realization didn't do me much good. oh well! remember for next time- take outfit pictures before going out on the town!

playing: 1901- Phoenix

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Kyla said...

This is a GREAT outfit! You've pulled off all of the proportions perfectly and the socks are such a cool touch.