my lips are bleeding from kissing you goodbye

I'm probably going to be up for ages, so I thought I'd finally be done with my stock outfit photos and do a double.

first off though, I'd like to thank you for the congrats on my engagement. you are so sweet! thank you and I am very excited. it's really all I can think about right now, so I'm sorry if I'm extra dull for a week or so.

speaking of which, I seem to have lost a couple followers in the past while, and that is totally fine- sometimes you lose interest in something or maybe your blogroll is too full! but I just want to say that I really appreciate anyone who bothers to read this junk, even if for some reason I don't get around to following you back. I just hope I'm not boring the pants off you all.

alright. Brandon left for a golf tournament this morning so I'm alone for the next three days. I don't do well with sleeping in a house all by myself, so I'm trying to keep myself busy and drink some red wine so that eventually I'll just be so tired I won't notice! which is why I'm so chatty right now...

tank- Ruche
cardigan- Jacob
jeans- Dynamite
boots- Aldo
headband- Postlapsaria

I finally got new jeans. I was really putting it off because I've been exercising like crazy so that I'm more comfortable in all the pants I currently own... I didn't want to buy new jeans and then lose weight and hate them! but these were on sale and so comfortable...and who am I kidding, I might not even need to lose weight- I think I'm just uncomfortable in pants! 

even though these jeans were awesome, after a couple days they stretched out so much that they were kind of baggy- and they were not meant to be that way. see, this is one of the reasons pants are so frustrating. when you try them on, they can fit perfectly. it's a sure thing that a week later they will not feel the same. 

I'm not trying to be a downer though, cause I really like this outfit! I'm a big fan of this headband. it really brightens up any look.

well I think I've babbled on long enough, even for me. hopefully in the next couple days I can come up with some new ideas for this thing. for now I'll focus on trying to get some sleep!


playing: My Hands are Shaking- Sondre Lerche


Sarah said...

lovely outfit! The boots and flower in your hair really make it!
it breaks my heart a little when i lose followers! but yeah it just makes me appreciate the ones i have so much more! xx

Jen Hsieh said...

i love the colors in this outfit and you look great in these jeans! i always get disappointed when jeans end up getting baggy. at least you can still work them :P