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hi guys!

so before I get into the outfit post I have to get something off my chest...I thought only bloggers will understand!

I'm feeling very distressed because my engagement ring rips my tights! two pairs have already fallen victim to its deadly beauty. Brandon's solution was "stop wearing tights." that's impossible. tights are the backbone of my entire style repertoire. what's a girl to do?!

whew. ok now that I have that out and no one will think I'm crazy (well, fewer people than in day-to-day conversation, anyways!) I'll get on to the outfit.

I'm almost through the stock photos of outfits from two weeks ago! the weather's starting to get better now so I'd dressing a little more summery. but honestly I've been so busy with packing and having last hurrahs with friends to even take outfit pictures, so these older ones are appreciated.

dress- vintage, gift
cardigan- Bluenotes
hat- Paris street vendor
tights- H&M
boots- somewhere in Paris

I didn't realize there were Parisian bookends to this look! I guess I was subconsciously going with a boheme thing when I got dressed... I got this lovely woodland fairy-esque dress for my birthday from my amazing friend Caitlin! she always gives the greatest presents. this year I got TWO dresses (vintage!) and a much-needed starbucks mug. 

anyways I thought the dress was springtime-y enough to brighten up a grey day with some neutral accessories. I feel like the burgundy or blue I would normally wear with it would make it look too "autumn." the hat feels like a little much, but hey, rain was threatening and it was not the best hair day.

sooo that was a while ago...and now...I'm watching late night tv in the outfit from yesterday's post in an effort to sleep through most of tomorrow morning. that's the life of a bored, jobless, and broke chick. late night tv, repeat outfits... and a constant battle with cabin fever. 

excuse the nonsensical anecdotes today. 

I think that's enough for now!

playing: London Beckoned...- Panic! at the Disco


Jen Hsieh said...

i'm definitely loving the neutral accessories with that dress! :)

and i wish there was a easy solution to your engagement ring ripping your tights. you shouldn't have to give up those tights! i guess just be more careful from now on :P

Unknown said...

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! want! x

Meilinda said...

love ur dress ! ♥

Kyla said...

I just love this! Parisian indeed, but so, so pretty, especially with the hat. And how in the world did I miss your engagement?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!