my lips are bleeding from kissing you goodbye

I'm probably going to be up for ages, so I thought I'd finally be done with my stock outfit photos and do a double.

first off though, I'd like to thank you for the congrats on my engagement. you are so sweet! thank you and I am very excited. it's really all I can think about right now, so I'm sorry if I'm extra dull for a week or so.

speaking of which, I seem to have lost a couple followers in the past while, and that is totally fine- sometimes you lose interest in something or maybe your blogroll is too full! but I just want to say that I really appreciate anyone who bothers to read this junk, even if for some reason I don't get around to following you back. I just hope I'm not boring the pants off you all.

alright. Brandon left for a golf tournament this morning so I'm alone for the next three days. I don't do well with sleeping in a house all by myself, so I'm trying to keep myself busy and drink some red wine so that eventually I'll just be so tired I won't notice! which is why I'm so chatty right now...

tank- Ruche
cardigan- Jacob
jeans- Dynamite
boots- Aldo
headband- Postlapsaria

I finally got new jeans. I was really putting it off because I've been exercising like crazy so that I'm more comfortable in all the pants I currently own... I didn't want to buy new jeans and then lose weight and hate them! but these were on sale and so comfortable...and who am I kidding, I might not even need to lose weight- I think I'm just uncomfortable in pants! 

even though these jeans were awesome, after a couple days they stretched out so much that they were kind of baggy- and they were not meant to be that way. see, this is one of the reasons pants are so frustrating. when you try them on, they can fit perfectly. it's a sure thing that a week later they will not feel the same. 

I'm not trying to be a downer though, cause I really like this outfit! I'm a big fan of this headband. it really brightens up any look.

well I think I've babbled on long enough, even for me. hopefully in the next couple days I can come up with some new ideas for this thing. for now I'll focus on trying to get some sleep!


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she's got a ticket to ride

hello again, friends!

just a quick outfit post before I'm off to my final sewing class. remember a while back I mentioned I was taking a sewing class at the local arts university? yeah, that one. it's just introduction to sewing techniques, and I was supposed to take tailoring later, but, well, I'm moving!

anyways I'm ALMOST through the stock outfit pictures from last week. then I'll be all caught up and back to regular, chronological posting again. :o)

skirt- Modcloth
top- Gap
tights- We Love Colors
booties- Primark

I wore this the day I got my haircut. I remember specifically because the male reception told me he liked my style (and according to him, he works in fashion retail, so he should know!) I thought it was very nice of him to say. it was a very nice spring outfit, if I do say so myself. I love the colours. and these pale pink tights have got to be my new favourites! (although at the end of the day I somehow wound up with like, five holes in this pair! darn it. a new we love colors purchase is in order.)

anyway I gotta run! time to catch the bus. 

feels good with fire back on your tongue

hi guys!

so before I get into the outfit post I have to get something off my chest...I thought only bloggers will understand!

I'm feeling very distressed because my engagement ring rips my tights! two pairs have already fallen victim to its deadly beauty. Brandon's solution was "stop wearing tights." that's impossible. tights are the backbone of my entire style repertoire. what's a girl to do?!

whew. ok now that I have that out and no one will think I'm crazy (well, fewer people than in day-to-day conversation, anyways!) I'll get on to the outfit.

I'm almost through the stock photos of outfits from two weeks ago! the weather's starting to get better now so I'd dressing a little more summery. but honestly I've been so busy with packing and having last hurrahs with friends to even take outfit pictures, so these older ones are appreciated.

dress- vintage, gift
cardigan- Bluenotes
hat- Paris street vendor
tights- H&M
boots- somewhere in Paris

I didn't realize there were Parisian bookends to this look! I guess I was subconsciously going with a boheme thing when I got dressed... I got this lovely woodland fairy-esque dress for my birthday from my amazing friend Caitlin! she always gives the greatest presents. this year I got TWO dresses (vintage!) and a much-needed starbucks mug. 

anyways I thought the dress was springtime-y enough to brighten up a grey day with some neutral accessories. I feel like the burgundy or blue I would normally wear with it would make it look too "autumn." the hat feels like a little much, but hey, rain was threatening and it was not the best hair day.

sooo that was a while ago...and now...I'm watching late night tv in the outfit from yesterday's post in an effort to sleep through most of tomorrow morning. that's the life of a bored, jobless, and broke chick. late night tv, repeat outfits... and a constant battle with cabin fever. 

excuse the nonsensical anecdotes today. 

I think that's enough for now!

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we like the same things & I like your style

something about thunder & lightening and Friends reruns puts me in a good mood. reminds me of simpler days!

the past couple days have been pretty great. I've been bowling, gone out to dinner, read magazines at Chapters for hours, went out for drinks, and even shot a few hoops. it feels like summer. I hope it stays this way.

we move back to Newfoundland in about a week so it'll be a big change. I'm looking forward to it, though. hanging out with family and being lazy and possibly learning to drive(!). I'm sure I'll get bored with it soon enough, but right now I'm itching for change.

dress- H&M
tights- H&M
shoes- Dolls fr. Solestruck
bag- vintage fr. Folie a Deux on Etsy

although I had never seen it before I bought it, apparently this dress is pretty popular! since I got it I've seen it on a few blogs. but I don't care because I love it! and I completely understand why it's popular, I bet it looks great on everybody. 

and I just have to say- these shoes KILL ME. I mean, I keep giving them chances and I even bought those dr. sholl's "for her" things but they still hurt so bad! I'm debating throwing in the towel, getting rid of them, and getting a new pair of white wedges...but they're just so cute. and I'm broke. what do you guys do if your heels hurt you? does that still happen to the more experienced fashionistas??

but I have to say the feature star of this outfit is my new bag! I am in love. it's such a great colour and size. Brandon pointed out that it can't be "that" vintage since it has a bunch of compartments and zippers and pockets, one of which appears to be cell-phone sized... but hey, 80s or 90s is still vintage, and it's still a perfect bag!

well, that was lengthy. I guess I'm just releasing all those pent-up words I have from not doing outfit posts all week! if you made it through, thanks, and have a lovely day. :o)

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your forever

sorry for the very quick slack off in outfit posts, but I have a good excuse! I've been rather preoccupied and excited lately... because...

I'm gettin' hitched!

yep, Brando popped the question! we're engaged. that's so bizarre to say! but I'm beyond happy and it's going to be so much FUN. I have ideas already. :o)

he asked me at the beach, with a sea shell, while eating doritos, when I accused him of cheating at our game of blackjack. haha definitely an "us" moment.

(sapphires, PRETTY!)

(I seriously think it's the most perfect ring...)

so many exciting things to come! I'll try not to be too wedding-crazy on here (especially so soon!) but I will discuss fashion/design related elements. cool? cool. 

hope your week was as lovely as mine. :o)
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pretty little things

I am very infatuated with vintage shopping at the moment. 

not good timing, since I just finished up at my job, and today's paycheck was only $135! what? (I'm assuming it's a weird pay-period timing thing and my final cheque will be more helpful.) 

but there's something about sunshine that makes me want to buy pretty dresses and flats and dance on the beach with the wind (I  think I was a hippie in a past life). but I'm trying to be good. I find myself leaning more towards things lately than clothes, which might be a step in the right direction?

here are some adorable Modcloth items that I'm working very hard to resist!
- I really do need a pencil case, and this one is just so cute and pretty that I wouldn't feel like I was in elementary school again.

- a lap top bag! with birdies! so convenient, and so girly...

- this speaks for itself. the sewing class is really not doing it for me; I definitely need further instruction.
- paper clips, shaped like BUNNIES! best/most unnecessarily cute thing ever. I would put them on all my resumes probably string the rest around my bedroom like garland, haha. 

so you see all those things are useful. and pretty. and someone once said that anything worth having should be useful or beautiful, so if something is both that's even better, right?

ok on to photos.

dress- Topshop, thrifted fr. Buffalo Exchange
shirt- H&M
socks- gift
shoes- Aldo

I realized I hadn't worn this dress in a really long time, and I think it's a great find! so I thought it was worth breaking it out again. the fabric is a little heavy for summer, but it's still spring anyways and it wasn't as warm as the sunshine made it look!

I'm really comfortable in this dress, but I realized after looking at these photos (and some that didn't get posted!) that I was not wearing the right underwear haha. also, the shirt bunched up a lot and made it look like I had love handles... not flattering. unfortunately I took photos at the end of my day, so the realization didn't do me much good. oh well! remember for next time- take outfit pictures before going out on the town!

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this is not a test

hello friends!

it's been a busy weekend, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping you up to date. I worked thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, so that killed a lot of my time... but now I'm done! like really done. I am no longer employed at Burrito Jax. 

it's kind of a relief- I love the food, but working there was starting to get on my nerves. yes I am very finicky when it comes to jobs but I mean, why settle? it's almost every day for most of the day, so you should at least find your job tolerable. 

mostly I'm just relieved to have more time to pack and say goodbye to Halifax. I'm not going to miss much about this city, but it does have it's nice points. I'd like to spend my last week here enjoying them. 

anyways! as promised, here is the dress Brando-man gave me for my birthday. not too bad, eh? mind now I told him months ago I loved it, so he wasn't completely on his own... but a great present nonetheless!

dress- birthday gift
blazer- vintage fr. Carton Company on Etsy
booties- Aldo
sunglasses- Paris street vendor

cute, hey? I love the water colour-type print and soft colours. it's great for sunny spring days reading in the Public Gardens. I felt really casual-city chick in this outfit... like I could go to New York and not feel like a rainbow themed dork! 

oh oh! I forgot- we saw The A-Team on friday, and I'm a little surprised and very delighted to say I LOVED it. call me crazy, but I thought it was funny, kind of clever, and thoroughly entertaining! there are so many good movies coming out this summer, I'm going to explode. and spend a lot of weekends at home driving to St. John's to watch them. :o)

any movies you are particularly looking forward to? next on my list is Jonah Hex. <3 DC comics.

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