young and restless and bored

I'm in need of a good old-fashioned summer. 
ice creams and lemonade and bare feet in the grass kind.

little things that have been comforting me lately; 
chocolate milkshakes, Jimmy Stewart movies, trying on clothes I don't intend to buy.

I found out I should never try things on in American Apparel with no intent to buy. 
I fall in love with simple things in pretty colours far too easily.

I think tulips are now high on my list of favourite flowers (but daffodils matched this dress).

I have this habit of wearing my leather jacket with ultra-feminine vintage dresses. maybe it's overcompensation, to "balance out" the look. sometimes I think I look like a schizophrenic.

dress- vintage fr. Monkey Darling Vintage on Etsy
tights- H&M
jacket- Le Chateau
booties- fr. Paris
purse- Costa Blanca

 my soul is very much in the mood to return here;

playing: Night Moves- Bob Segar


E said...

your dress is darling! i love how it matches the flowers in the background :)

Kyla said...

This is soooo pretty! I just LOVE that jacket with it - the fit is fantastic!