when all is said and done

ok I know I've been AWOL for ages now. but since I had graduation and my parents visiting and summer plans and moving to think about, I'm hoping a few pictures will help you forgive me?

here's me at my graduation from journalism school!

yeeee-up. been there done that.
da folks, ya knows.
this was his idea.
pals! O'Lynda, Andrew, me, and Brandon.

and beneath the robe...haha

dress- fr. Buffalo Exchange in NYC
tights- H&M
flats- Primark
flowers- mom & dad

daisies are my favourite. 
having mom & dad here for a couple of days was awesome. we had a great time. (not to mention me and Brandon got treated to five or six free meals!) I'll be seeing them again soon, the way things are lookin' right now. we knew Halifax wasn't the right place for us. so we'll be moving on at some point this summer. on to bigger and brighter (and maybe sunnier?) things!

more update on the life tomorrow, I promise. and I have some great outfits to show you!

(on a little side note, I'd like to thank everyone who continues to read and/or comment on my blog. it's so flattering, and every time you make a comment you seriously put a big smile on my face! so thanks for sticking around.)

love love.

playing: Battlefield- Jordin Sparks (shut up it's awesome.)


Ally said...

so cute with your flowers!!! love your flats too hun

Mikhaila said...

congrats! I love your red flats with the cap and gown :)

Chloƫ, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Congradulations, I love the outfit, dotted tights are great.

tess said...

congrats! you're quite the stylish graduate

Jen Hsieh said...

congratulations on graduating! these pictures are adorable and i'm loving your graduation outfit. :)

Kyla said...

Congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! Enjoy what lies ahead!

Vixenlady89 said...

I have got same tights :)

Vixenlady89 said...

I have got same tights :) CUTIE