she got legs...

yesterday was the second day this spring that I've felt it necessary to bust out my ghostly pale legs. seriously, aren't they SO white? I've never liked showing my bare legs; they aren't my favourite feature. does anyone else have a serious aversion to their knees?

but I certainly cannot complain about the bare-leg weather. I just couldn't spend the sunny day inside on a couch, so I found an excuse to get out! picked up a Rolling Stone, grabbed lunch, and sat in the sun for a couple hours. good 'nuff.

first of all, I wish I had gotten a close-up of my sunglasses, cause they are frickin' sweet. zebra striped cat eyes! love them! if I needed glasses this is the shape I would definitely get. 

this dress actually belongs to a friend of mine... but I bought it for her! she left it with me by accident when she moved to Korea, so I decided to wear it one last time before she gets it back. I looove it. I bought it in Paris last year and was sooo tempted to keep it for myself, but... well, I didn't!

it's ok though, because even though it's cute as heck, it's not the most flattering on me, apparently. 

today has been pretty lame so far, but it's my friends (and my dad's!) birthday. so hopefully we'll do something fun. and get some cake. mmm. 

also, happy birthday daddy!


MELISSA Z. said...

Very nice! <3

Laura said...

<3 those shoes!!!!