party animal

I have so many addictions.
don't take that the wrong way, none of them are toxic or potentially fatal (well, let's hope not). but I do have my vices, and they tend to come in phases. for instance, right now I am addicted to;

- Coldstone "oh fudge" milkshakes
- The Big Bang Theory
- subsequently, Sheldon Cooper
- thai food (/my constant craving for it)
- Rolling Stone magazines
- that dance scene from Little Miss Sunshine

yes I'm aware those are mainly food and tv. those are my major vices.

...that seems like a terrible introduction to a post on a style blog. and has nothing to do with my outfit. but I just wanted to chat.

I wore this to my friends birthday party last week. it was so much fun- just a few of us with wine and cup cakes.

dress- vintage fr. Leproust Vintage on Etsy
tights- Hue, fr. Brandon
necklace- Poslapsaria
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth
belt- Bizou

so this is the gorgeous dress I got from Leproust a few months back, and it was slightly ill-fitted. meaning I am too short and small-chested. but I took it to a tailor and now it fits perfectly! I love it even more. the downside is now I'm going to want to tailor everything...

I paired it with my pale pink Jeffrey Campbell's and black tights because I really like the colour combination. kinda girly but not too frou-frou. and I added my cool Postlapsaria necklace because it went perfectly with the ruffles in the shoes! easy peasy. definitely an outfit I will call upon again. 

now if you'll excuse me, Brandon has fallen asleep on the couch while watching the afore-mentioned Big Bang Theory and I must send him to bed. 

just another wild friday night in Halifax. 

playing: Coming Closer- Kings of Leon


Kristin said...

OMG! It is perfection on you! I love how you belted it and wore JC Unicorn heels with it! Too cute!

I have been taking loads of vintage dresses to the tailor lately (I am terrible at mending/sewing), and I need to cut back! It is just so great to take the uniqueness of a vintage garment, then tailor it to perfectly fit your body....a customed made dress!

I saved a pic to my desktop! I need to do another "Ladies in Leproust" post!

Kyla said...

This. Is. GORGEOUS! The colors, the tights, those SHOES! The tailoring of that dress is impeccable.

Hillary said...

This outfit is so lovely! I recently had a dress of mine taken in by a tailor, and now I want to have everything custom fitted!