it's a new day

ok, again with the delay between posts... but I swear I'm getting better.

and I have been busy trying to be a real person! I've taken on a few things to try and feel more productive and good about my life, and I'm making the adjustment to being finished school. here's what's new...

- I've started doing this fitness routine called Insanity to get back in shape, and maybe lose some of those milkshake pounds! it's really intense, and well, insane! I work out for 40/50 minutes every day for two months. I'm two weeks in. it's difficult to make it a routine... it totally interrupts your day, you have to shower all the time, you're tired and hungry afterwards. but I'm sticking with it and hopefully good things will come.

- I'm picking up a few extra shifts at work to try and make some extra cash and maybe start saving a little. but it's still only about four days a week, so I don't have high hopes. it's good enough for now, though, and makes me appreciate my free time.

- I started taking a sewing class at the arts college. it's three hours once a week, and it's really fun! all the girls are so cute and stylish and motivated. it's a good atmosphere. and for my final project I'm going to make a dress! I was thinking of imitating this lovely number Katy of Kansas Couture wears so beautifully;

- and finally... we're moving! Brandon isn't going to Dal in the fall, so I actually get to leave Halifax and it's terrible job market. not that I dislike this city as much as at the beginning- it's just there are so few opportunities here, so few friends, and so few things to keep me interested. so I'm happy to be going back to Newfoundland for the summer.

I'm going to start looking for jobs EVERYWHERE. like literally, anywhere in the world. doesn't that just have such exciting potential?! Our top options right now are Scotland and Australia because Brando might go to school there. but I'm pretty keen on trying London, Chicago, NYC, or somewhere in California. here's hoping someone will hire me! please cross your fingers for us.

so those are some things I've been preoccupied with lately. but I managed to find this outfit that I completely forgot to post! and I love it. so it would have been a shame to leave it out!

dress- American Apparel 
tights- H&M
shoes- Seychelles
earrings- fr. Envy

I wore this about two weeks ago to go out to a nice dinner of Thai food with the boy. I'm in love with the dress, and I've worn it a couple times already. I got my paycheck one day and just couldn't resist its classic-but-contemporary feel and lovely colour. sorry for the wrinkles! this was post-long, sitting-down dinner!

I paired it with my Seychelles blimey oxfords to play up the classic vibe, and I really like the combination of grey and cognac brown. it was also inspired by this random Weardrobe find;

she looks so casual-cool.. and even sexy!

I'm kind of in love with American Apparel lately. which sucks cause it can be super expensive. but once in a while... I can give in, and I never regret it! 

here's to American Apparel, Thai food, and new chances.

playing; Fleet Foxes


Kelly Lauren said...

that dress is so pretty! it looks great on you and I love the red lips and those cute oxford shoes. That workout routine sounds intense! And i'm the same, trying to get better at blogging but also trying to be productive in my "real life" haha!


Jen Hsieh said...

i adore that dress on you so much! it's the first time i've seen a lilac colored shirt dress! it fits you like a dream and i love it with your seychelle oxfords :)

moving sounds like such a great opportunity to look for new and exciting jobs! a change of environment is always refreshing.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Very cute shirt dress, I especially love the color!