gave it a shot

I think the best topper to a long day is a cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake.

mmm. at times like these I really respect you vegetarians out there. but I could totally give up meat if there were no meat in cheeseburgers or shrimp.

anywhooo. it's been an eventful week! birthday parties and bunny-sitting and burrito-makin'. I've been a little busy and neglected my dear blog. but at least I'm still trying! I'm the type of person who usually ditches a project when it appears to be going nowhere (some people call it quitting- I prefer accepting reality (: ) but I've decided I'm doing this blog for me and no one else, so if I feel like skipping days it's no biggie.

I do have a lot of back up outfits compiled, though, which is good because most days of this week I have no reason to get dressed. like today. hoodie and jeans.

fun fact; in Saskatchewan they call hoodies bunny hugs. if I ever have to move there that's going on the "pro" list.

well on to the pictures I guess! it's just about bed time.

dress- vintage fr. Calivintage on Etsy
tights- hue fr. Macy's
boots- Forever 21

I've gotta say I LOVE this dress from Calivintage- when I saw it on her blog (below) I was SO excited that she was selling it in her Etsy shop. but I gotta say I think it looks so much better on her! I think I just styled it wrong...I was trying to make it wearable for a run to the mall and a solo lunch. next time I'll do better!

photo fr. Calivintage

playing: The Big Bang- Bare Naked Ladies


Mikhaila said...

I think the dress looks just as good on you! :)

Mikhaila @

E said...

i like how you styled this dress, its so pretty!