it's a new day

ok, again with the delay between posts... but I swear I'm getting better.

and I have been busy trying to be a real person! I've taken on a few things to try and feel more productive and good about my life, and I'm making the adjustment to being finished school. here's what's new...

- I've started doing this fitness routine called Insanity to get back in shape, and maybe lose some of those milkshake pounds! it's really intense, and well, insane! I work out for 40/50 minutes every day for two months. I'm two weeks in. it's difficult to make it a routine... it totally interrupts your day, you have to shower all the time, you're tired and hungry afterwards. but I'm sticking with it and hopefully good things will come.

- I'm picking up a few extra shifts at work to try and make some extra cash and maybe start saving a little. but it's still only about four days a week, so I don't have high hopes. it's good enough for now, though, and makes me appreciate my free time.

- I started taking a sewing class at the arts college. it's three hours once a week, and it's really fun! all the girls are so cute and stylish and motivated. it's a good atmosphere. and for my final project I'm going to make a dress! I was thinking of imitating this lovely number Katy of Kansas Couture wears so beautifully;

- and finally... we're moving! Brandon isn't going to Dal in the fall, so I actually get to leave Halifax and it's terrible job market. not that I dislike this city as much as at the beginning- it's just there are so few opportunities here, so few friends, and so few things to keep me interested. so I'm happy to be going back to Newfoundland for the summer.

I'm going to start looking for jobs EVERYWHERE. like literally, anywhere in the world. doesn't that just have such exciting potential?! Our top options right now are Scotland and Australia because Brando might go to school there. but I'm pretty keen on trying London, Chicago, NYC, or somewhere in California. here's hoping someone will hire me! please cross your fingers for us.

so those are some things I've been preoccupied with lately. but I managed to find this outfit that I completely forgot to post! and I love it. so it would have been a shame to leave it out!

dress- American Apparel 
tights- H&M
shoes- Seychelles
earrings- fr. Envy

I wore this about two weeks ago to go out to a nice dinner of Thai food with the boy. I'm in love with the dress, and I've worn it a couple times already. I got my paycheck one day and just couldn't resist its classic-but-contemporary feel and lovely colour. sorry for the wrinkles! this was post-long, sitting-down dinner!

I paired it with my Seychelles blimey oxfords to play up the classic vibe, and I really like the combination of grey and cognac brown. it was also inspired by this random Weardrobe find;

she looks so casual-cool.. and even sexy!

I'm kind of in love with American Apparel lately. which sucks cause it can be super expensive. but once in a while... I can give in, and I never regret it! 

here's to American Apparel, Thai food, and new chances.

playing; Fleet Foxes

under the blacklight, out in the garden

do you ever get into slumps where you're just totally dissatisfied with most of the things in your closet? lately I've been sort of feeling that way; I can never seem to find the right things to pair together. there's always something missing- a colour of shoes that would go perfect with this dress, or a top to go with a certain skirt, or the jacket to go with that outfit. it's weird, cause I have too much stuff already.

maybe I need to get rid of things I don't love anymore and get more versatile pieces.

anyway, since graduation brings the necessary monetary graduation gifts, I've given in to my shopping itch just a tad. my favourite thing I got is this simple H&M dress. it's so comfy! and I love the way it fits and feels and can be a top or a dress or a skirt. some might think it accents certain flaws (tummy, hips... ermmm.) but I feel really good about how I look in it. :o)

dress- H&M
head band- Postlapsaria
flats- Primark
bag- gift fr. mom, Spring

I wore my new dress for a trip to the public gardens to spend the afternoon basking in the sunshine. Brando and I sat on the grass and talked and watched the babies run around with their daddies. it's so great that we're finally starting to get nice weather! 
and how perfect is my head band for a day in a garden? the lovely Keiko Lynn sent this along with the shirt I bought from her and I think it's adorable. it's a very great colour for mixing-and-matching. I felt very springtime chic!

tonight we're going to see the new Sex and the City movie, and I'm soooo excited. I spent all morning trying to decide what to wear. it's very important to wear the right outfit to a SATC event, as I'm sure you all know. I decided on something sparkly. I'll try to get some photos! 

but for now I think I'll go on a cupcake hunt. yes, cupcakes. last night I had a dream that I was in this amazing cupcake bakery that had the most amazing assortment of yummy treats that I've been craving one all day. and I know just the place to get one with a cookie dough center and buttercream frosting. mmm!

happy hump day!

playing: Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright 

when all is said and done

ok I know I've been AWOL for ages now. but since I had graduation and my parents visiting and summer plans and moving to think about, I'm hoping a few pictures will help you forgive me?

here's me at my graduation from journalism school!

yeeee-up. been there done that.
da folks, ya knows.
this was his idea.
pals! O'Lynda, Andrew, me, and Brandon.

and beneath the robe...haha

dress- fr. Buffalo Exchange in NYC
tights- H&M
flats- Primark
flowers- mom & dad

daisies are my favourite. 
having mom & dad here for a couple of days was awesome. we had a great time. (not to mention me and Brandon got treated to five or six free meals!) I'll be seeing them again soon, the way things are lookin' right now. we knew Halifax wasn't the right place for us. so we'll be moving on at some point this summer. on to bigger and brighter (and maybe sunnier?) things!

more update on the life tomorrow, I promise. and I have some great outfits to show you!

(on a little side note, I'd like to thank everyone who continues to read and/or comment on my blog. it's so flattering, and every time you make a comment you seriously put a big smile on my face! so thanks for sticking around.)

love love.

playing: Battlefield- Jordin Sparks (shut up it's awesome.)

whatcha gonna do in those shoes?

monday monday monday...
I wish I had something slightly interesting planned for today, but unfortunately it's just laundry and resume adjustments. but I think it's going to be a busy week, so I'll just enjoy the downtime while I can.

I'm graduating on thursday, and my parents are flying in on wednesday to stay for a couple days. I'm actually really excited! I don't care too much for big graduation ceremonies or anything, but it'll be nice to hang out with the folks and go out to dinner and have something to do for three days.

but for today it's just me and a slightly messy apartment.
since I haven't gotten dressed yet (yikes) here's another outfit from last week!

cardigan- fr. Shopruche
skirt- Walmart
tights- Hue
shoes- Seychelles fr. Solestruck

this was my going to the dentist outfit, haha. I like the simple femininity of it, and it kind of reminds me of Emma Pillsbury (who, by the way, is the cutest lady on tv). 

the shoes are kind of awesome. first when I got them I was SO excited, I think they're the perfect purple shoes... but then I wore them with tights and every five steps the straps would come off my heels! 

it was so frustrating and made walking all but impossible. I had no idea how to fix that problem! so I tried the most random thing- I sprayed tough skin on the straps! it's the only thing I could think of. and I don't know if it worked or if it was just that particular pair of tights, but now the shoes are fine. yay!

/end rant. 

well, I guess that's all for now! hope everyone's week gets off to a great start. peace!

playing: My Moon My Man- Feist 

party animal

I have so many addictions.
don't take that the wrong way, none of them are toxic or potentially fatal (well, let's hope not). but I do have my vices, and they tend to come in phases. for instance, right now I am addicted to;

- Coldstone "oh fudge" milkshakes
- The Big Bang Theory
- subsequently, Sheldon Cooper
- thai food (/my constant craving for it)
- Rolling Stone magazines
- that dance scene from Little Miss Sunshine

yes I'm aware those are mainly food and tv. those are my major vices.

...that seems like a terrible introduction to a post on a style blog. and has nothing to do with my outfit. but I just wanted to chat.

I wore this to my friends birthday party last week. it was so much fun- just a few of us with wine and cup cakes.

dress- vintage fr. Leproust Vintage on Etsy
tights- Hue, fr. Brandon
necklace- Poslapsaria
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth
belt- Bizou

so this is the gorgeous dress I got from Leproust a few months back, and it was slightly ill-fitted. meaning I am too short and small-chested. but I took it to a tailor and now it fits perfectly! I love it even more. the downside is now I'm going to want to tailor everything...

I paired it with my pale pink Jeffrey Campbell's and black tights because I really like the colour combination. kinda girly but not too frou-frou. and I added my cool Postlapsaria necklace because it went perfectly with the ruffles in the shoes! easy peasy. definitely an outfit I will call upon again. 

now if you'll excuse me, Brandon has fallen asleep on the couch while watching the afore-mentioned Big Bang Theory and I must send him to bed. 

just another wild friday night in Halifax. 

playing: Coming Closer- Kings of Leon

gave it a shot

I think the best topper to a long day is a cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake.

mmm. at times like these I really respect you vegetarians out there. but I could totally give up meat if there were no meat in cheeseburgers or shrimp.

anywhooo. it's been an eventful week! birthday parties and bunny-sitting and burrito-makin'. I've been a little busy and neglected my dear blog. but at least I'm still trying! I'm the type of person who usually ditches a project when it appears to be going nowhere (some people call it quitting- I prefer accepting reality (: ) but I've decided I'm doing this blog for me and no one else, so if I feel like skipping days it's no biggie.

I do have a lot of back up outfits compiled, though, which is good because most days of this week I have no reason to get dressed. like today. hoodie and jeans.

fun fact; in Saskatchewan they call hoodies bunny hugs. if I ever have to move there that's going on the "pro" list.

well on to the pictures I guess! it's just about bed time.

dress- vintage fr. Calivintage on Etsy
tights- hue fr. Macy's
boots- Forever 21

I've gotta say I LOVE this dress from Calivintage- when I saw it on her blog (below) I was SO excited that she was selling it in her Etsy shop. but I gotta say I think it looks so much better on her! I think I just styled it wrong...I was trying to make it wearable for a run to the mall and a solo lunch. next time I'll do better!

photo fr. Calivintage

playing: The Big Bang- Bare Naked Ladies

she got legs...

yesterday was the second day this spring that I've felt it necessary to bust out my ghostly pale legs. seriously, aren't they SO white? I've never liked showing my bare legs; they aren't my favourite feature. does anyone else have a serious aversion to their knees?

but I certainly cannot complain about the bare-leg weather. I just couldn't spend the sunny day inside on a couch, so I found an excuse to get out! picked up a Rolling Stone, grabbed lunch, and sat in the sun for a couple hours. good 'nuff.

first of all, I wish I had gotten a close-up of my sunglasses, cause they are frickin' sweet. zebra striped cat eyes! love them! if I needed glasses this is the shape I would definitely get. 

this dress actually belongs to a friend of mine... but I bought it for her! she left it with me by accident when she moved to Korea, so I decided to wear it one last time before she gets it back. I looove it. I bought it in Paris last year and was sooo tempted to keep it for myself, but... well, I didn't!

it's ok though, because even though it's cute as heck, it's not the most flattering on me, apparently. 

today has been pretty lame so far, but it's my friends (and my dad's!) birthday. so hopefully we'll do something fun. and get some cake. mmm. 

also, happy birthday daddy!