it's been a while

hello friends!

it's been a while... since I last posted I have officially (drumroll would be appropriate here) finished my program! we got an A on our final magazine and now I'm just waiting around for graduation day.

right now I'm home visiting my parents for the week. I really needed a few days to get away from the apartment and school and just do absolutely nothing. that has it's down sides, of course... I had to leave Brando all alone. and I'm alone most of the days since my parents are working. relaxation can get boring sometimes...

anyways, being back on the island and hanging out with my parents is leading to some serious nostalgia. I'm basically at a huge crossroads in my life right now but suspended between decisions. I have no idea what's coming next, and the notion that I'm kinda winging my entire life right now is a little rattling. of course this means a lot of introspection, hence the nostalgia.

so I thought I might share a few photos of me from my distant and not-so-distant past. it's mostly for fun, but I also tried to pick photos that kind of show the evolution of my style (and often times lack thereof). it's crazy looking at how much I've changed!

some serious red eye going on here. I know it has nothing to do with my style, but I think it's kinda funny. I'm the first girl on the right of the boy cousin. then it's another cousin, then my little sis. we were all very into florals, apparently. 

me, mama, and sis again, at our cabin. I love how crazy long my hair was (and the belly showing...yikes). this was in the 12th grade... I was very into matching in high school. and bright colours.

my grad dress! it was the first one I tried on. I actually still love it and would wear it again if I had an appropriate occasion (and if it still fit...) my friend is looking pretty sweet, hey? she's a singer now.

haircut! this is at my cousin's wedding (incidentally, the boy from the first pic!) I wore this dress- it flared and had red tulle trim at the bottom- with my red chuck taylors. everyone ragged on me for it. oh, and that's my dad with the ridiculous shades. 

I always had messy hair and wore jeans and chucks. always.

'nother haircut! I hope my friend Tony doesn't hate me for this cause it's not the most flattering pic, but I like my hair in it, haha. this is in my "never take my jeans off" phase. I wore lots of tiny hoodies but I had cute hair.

same hair, more pink. I also loved empire tops and beads. soooo many beads. still always jeans, too. 

living in England, and the hair started to grow out slowly. I picked this photo because, A, it's one of the only head-to-toe shots I have, and B, it pretty much sums up what I wore in England; tons of layers, colours, jackets, and flats. 

this is back in England a year later; hair growing out, and shirt hiking up. it was scorching hot this day.. anyways, this is about two years ago, when I kind of started to dress more the way I do now. gotta say, not loving the shorts right now though...

and this is almost exactly a year ago. I guess I dress pretty much the same, but with different hair and more heels. definitely a skirt/dress lady from here on in. and I still have all these items!

so there you have it. me, over the years. I hope it was at least mildly amusing, it was for me. 
also, I've tried to post this several times before, but the internet isn't very good here. I keep having to run up and down the stairs to reset the modem, and sometimes it just won't work. anyways. excuses. 

peace, blogland!

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Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Aw, it's so fun looking back. It's funny how for girls the hair usually is so different from year-to-year. The biggest change usually, other than height.