hello goodbye

I literally have like ten seconds to do this, so two things to note:
1) sorry for the extremely wrinkly dress, and
2) today was the most boring day in all of history, so you aren't missing much in the way of blogger anecdotes.

dress- Express, thrifted
tights- we love colors
booties- Shelly's London, fr. Modcloth
umbrella- fr. The Travel Bug

went thrift store hopping with my friend Gloria the other day and could only make one purchase- I chose this dress! it caught my eye, but I was going to put it back out of laziness and do-I-really-need-another-dress-ness... then Gloria made me try it on. and I loved how it fit me. I felt thin in it, which may not show through all the ridiculous wrinkles acquired on a rainy day, but I think it's a pretty excellent find. 

and with that, I really have to get to bed!


E said...

adorable outfit!! those boots are the cutest I've ever seen!


Jess said...

Oh you're making me miss thrifting so much! The boots are adorable and the colour unexpected

Jen Hsieh said...

those little booties are beyond adorable. <3

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Cute rainy days look! I love your booties! I really wanted to get an april showers post, but we didn't have any showers.. at all! Bummer!