get a haircut (and a real job)

I never realized how much my consistent blog posting relied on outfit pictures. it's been a whole week! but at least now I realize I need to start varying my content.

still no camera yet, but I've been keeping up with other blogs and there seem to be a lot of hair changes happening in the blogosphere! some beautiful red hair dying, some cropping... very exciting. I'm itching for a change myself, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to commit.

I've decided dying is not for me, even though it would definitely be a change. I think it would be too hard for me to maintain a head of dyed hair, and too hard to get my natural colour back. I was leaning more towards the cut side. (I even recently had a dream that I shaved my head, and I had resigned myself to the fact by the time I woke up.)

I've had super short hair before and I loved it. but I just think about how long it took me to grow it out to this length, and I feel maybe I should enjoy this a little longer before taking the plunge again. 

just to make the decision even more difficult, I have some photos of cute crops I envy and would love to try, and some lovely long haired ladies who's style I could actually pull off with my hair type. 

I loved Michelle Williams' cute pixie cut, I think it's so carefree and whimsical. I love this photo of her.

Carey Mulligan is such a beauty. her crop is cut a little different, and I like the smoothness.

I'm kinda in love with Natalie Portman, so I had to mention her funky short 'do from a while back- maybe too intense for me, but I love the edginess and faux hawk-sorta thing.

and of course Erin of Calivintage recently went under the scissors, and she looks so adorable! love the texture. (photo credit: Calivintage)

now for my current hair inspirations...

this is the haircut I asked for when I first got bangs! haha you might be able to tell I'm a little obsessed with Anne's style in this movie...

obviously one of the most gorgeous ladies ever, and it seems like we have a very similar hair texture.

Alison Sudol has gorgeous bright red hair ( I know you can't see it here!) and I like the quirky short bangs.

I love Betty's windblown, fabulously messy hair. it's so model-off-duty. (photo credit: Le Blog de Betty)

now the question is, which group do I want to look like?! choices, choices.

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Kristin said...

These are all incredibly gorgeous inspirations, and all so different (well between the two groups I mean)!

I am excited to see which route you end up taking! :)