hello goodbye

I literally have like ten seconds to do this, so two things to note:
1) sorry for the extremely wrinkly dress, and
2) today was the most boring day in all of history, so you aren't missing much in the way of blogger anecdotes.

dress- Express, thrifted
tights- we love colors
booties- Shelly's London, fr. Modcloth
umbrella- fr. The Travel Bug

went thrift store hopping with my friend Gloria the other day and could only make one purchase- I chose this dress! it caught my eye, but I was going to put it back out of laziness and do-I-really-need-another-dress-ness... then Gloria made me try it on. and I loved how it fit me. I felt thin in it, which may not show through all the ridiculous wrinkles acquired on a rainy day, but I think it's a pretty excellent find. 

and with that, I really have to get to bed!

a brighter discontent

'ello 'ello!

it's a positively dreary day here in Halifax and I'm sitting around the apartment, warming my feet with a portable heater and downloading (illegally muah ha)  Robert Downey Jr. movies. quite the uninteresting afternoon, in summary.

the past few days I've been working at my part-time job at Burrito Jax (which, fortunately and despite the similar names, is nothing at all like Taco Bell. as in it is healthy and delicious). it's not a bad job at all, even though I only get about two shifts a week. need a real job now, please.

but something semi-exciting happened! I may have mentioned here before that I love this band from my home province called Hey Rosetta! well, my second day at Burrito Jax, guess who walks in? the whole stinking band. that's right. I was a total dweeb and really happy. they're recording here in Hali. AND they all came in again the next day, and said they'll be back often. I made burritos for Hey Rosetta!

awesomeness. maybe we'll become best friends. maybe they'll ask me to be in their band. or maybe I'll get to tour with them and write about it a la Almost Famous.

well, back to today. not so exciting. bad weather and nothing to do.

I tried to take some photos of my very understated ensemble today, but it's raining out and the indoor pictures never come out as you'd like them to. nonetheless I have a couple for your keen eyes, and some from yesterday, which was a much sunnier and more productive day.

dress- Smart Set
blazer- Paper Doll, fr. Envy
tights- Smart Set
shoes- random store in England

I'm bustin' out my old Smart Set dresses! I love these (the other one is the blue one from two posts ago) they're so easy to wear and style. 

I'm really liking blazers lately, too. I got this one after lent on sale, and I feel like it goes with everything. only with the sleeves pushed up though. obviously. I just feel so much "cooler" in a long blazer.

shirt- vintage fr. Cricket Capers on Etsy
jeans- Seduction fr. Sirens

I'm actually not wearing this anymore, haha. I changed my shirt because it felt a little too "office secretary" for a day of doing laundry and sitting on the couch. you can't really see the boots here, but they jazz up any outfit anyways. so if I do end up leaving the apartment when Brando gets home I won't feel completely unpresentable. 

now, I'm going to go try and find my pudding recipe. yes I will bake a pudding and the day will seem sunnier. that's what pudding does. 


playing: King of Queens on tv

some people call me maurice

...no they don't.

just a quickie before bed. 
...that's what she said?

skirt- Kensie
belt- H&M
pink top- Monteau 
shoes- Dolls fr. Solestruck

my sunny day outfit from yesterday (I was stuck in jeans and a tee today). it was so warm out, I couldn't avoid it any longer- time to bust out the bare legs. 

I dunno, I kinda hate it. does anyone else strongly dislike knees? I just don't like bare legs in general. and I'm not one of those skinny girls who's legs never touch, so I don't like when my thighs rub together. ick. is that too much personal info? 

anyway I just wore spandex shorts under the skirt haha. it's a little too big for me so I tried pulling it up and belting it; which I think looks really cool, but keeping it there is a whole other matter. 

oh and these are my wedges that I got a while back! I was itching for a pair of white shoes, and these were just too perfect. I love them. but they don't love me back... I have really bad blisters today. 

another reason to go with tights!

tomorrow I might wear a skirt to work and see how it goes...

playing: The Joker- Steve Miller Band

whadya want from me?

oops! I forgot to update yesterday! my bad. I've got to get back in swing of daily posting now that I have my camera back (and admittedly a lot of time on my hands.)

anyways I'll show you yesterday's outfit and save today's for later, cause I'm working my part-time job for the next three days and fashion will be a little light. I'm supposed to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. funnn.

dress- Smart Set
cardigan- Zara
tights- Ardene
necklace- Postlapsaria
socks- gift
shoes- Modcloth

yesterday was a lazy day, but we planned on going out later in the evening, so I put this outfit together- comfy and easy, but nice enough for people to see me in! 

I've had this dress for a few years and I always feel good when I wear it. I wore the socks around the apartment, and I thought they looked cute with my new Shelly's London boots! how adorable are they? I couldn't resist the colour and cut-out stars.

I also tried to tied the socks into the outfit- at least colour wise- with my new cute necklace courtesy of Keiko Lynn (I bought a top from her shop Postlapsaria). you can't see it that well in the photos cause it was kinda windy, but it's just a couple layers of lace on a chain. I don't know if I'm wearing it right, but I think it's so cool!

so that's yesterday. we went out to watch the hockey game with friends... grrr. Habs lost. I get so invested in playoff hockey. I've been watching games almost every day and I just REALLY want my team to WIN for once! not even the Cup..that's reaching a little high... but A ROUND. somethin'. 

...yeahhh hockey probably isn't the most reader-friendly subject for a fashion blog, so I'll stop right there. 

basically of late my life consists of the playoffs and Robert Downey Jr. movies. it's been good so far, but I think I may be on the dangerous path to stalkerdom. I'll let you know how that goes.

playing: Elton John- I Want Love (props to anyone who can link that to the post)

pour my life into a paper cup

got my camera back!

yesterday, actually, but it was a miserable rainy day so I took photos inside...and they didn't really turn out. this is the only one that was ok. but I loved the outfit, so I had to post something!

sweater- Smart Set
shirt- H&M
skirt- Modcloth
boots- Forever 21

for today's photos I kinda forgot to take the setting off "tungsten light" so it looks like I came out of a Twilight movie or something. I mean, I'm guessing...I've never actually seen one...

dress- rubber duckie, fr. Envy
cardigan- Modcloth
tights- H&M
belt- Bizou
boots- fr. Marcella of Fashion Distraction

how cute are those fringe booties? pretty darn cute, says I. I stumbled across Marcella's blog through Weardrobe and noticed she had some pretty great things in her blog shop. I couldn't resist these babies. 

AND I applied for a job and a pretty classy shoe store today and the girls working said they loved my shoes. I'm taking that as a good sign. 

...not the having-to-apply-at-a-shoe-store part. the loving-my-shoes part. ideally it would be a journalism job and they would love my writing, but this is kind of the equivalent on a lower, slightly less career path beneficial, level. 

I'm crossing my fingers for life. 
...that's for LIFE. not for all of my life long.

yeahhh. good to be back!

playing: HIMYM

hello, I love you

hey all!

a quick update, in point form. just 'cause.

- I'm back in Hali. so happy to see Brando again. not so happy to leave my best friends. you win some, you lose some.
- I get my camera back tomorrow!
- I am so, so, soooo tired.
- Kick-Ass is a kick ass movie. love it. coolest freaking fight scenes ever.
- out of boredom (and well...obviously other reasons) I have kind of developed an obsession with this guy;

- also, Annie over at Time Enough for Drums is having a giveaway! it's the cutest hat, so go check it out, and her blog too while you're at it! full disclosure; there is a little shameless self servitude in this advertisement, since I get an extra entry for telling you about it, haha. we learned about transparency in j-school ethics. 

more tomorrow, when I can see straight and possibly (!) have outfit photos. 

playing: Black Cadillacs- Modest Mouse

I'm movin' on

I would like to say a very belated but BIG thank you to Selma of Lilylicious Bisious for this award she gave me. it's oh so sweet, and I'm so happy she enjoyed my blog! she seems like a real snazzy lady, so check out her blog!
(is snazzy still a good adjective?)

anyways, I'm supposed to pass this on to fifteen (!!) other bloggers, but I hope she understands if I just thank her immensely and suggest my readers refer to my blog roll! (the "what I read" section, over there on the left.)

I didn't have much time (or sufficient internet) to post anything creative today, but tomorrow it's back to St. John's for a TIME with some of the best people I know. awesomeness. and the Junos are in town- like, the smaller, Canadian version of the Grammys- so maybe I'll see someone famous. either way it's the perfect time to rock out of George Street!

I don't know if I've bragged up Newfoundland on this blog yet, but I should. and you guys should google it if you don't know anything about it. come visit! I'll show you around. no, I don't "technically" live there anymore, but I'll meet you there and show you a good time!

here's good ol' sin jawns...


ok that's the update for now. catch you back in Halifax!
(that kind of rhymes...maybe I've just created a new town slogan?)

playing: sooo muchhhh hockeyyyy

it's been a while

hello friends!

it's been a while... since I last posted I have officially (drumroll would be appropriate here) finished my program! we got an A on our final magazine and now I'm just waiting around for graduation day.

right now I'm home visiting my parents for the week. I really needed a few days to get away from the apartment and school and just do absolutely nothing. that has it's down sides, of course... I had to leave Brando all alone. and I'm alone most of the days since my parents are working. relaxation can get boring sometimes...

anyways, being back on the island and hanging out with my parents is leading to some serious nostalgia. I'm basically at a huge crossroads in my life right now but suspended between decisions. I have no idea what's coming next, and the notion that I'm kinda winging my entire life right now is a little rattling. of course this means a lot of introspection, hence the nostalgia.

so I thought I might share a few photos of me from my distant and not-so-distant past. it's mostly for fun, but I also tried to pick photos that kind of show the evolution of my style (and often times lack thereof). it's crazy looking at how much I've changed!

some serious red eye going on here. I know it has nothing to do with my style, but I think it's kinda funny. I'm the first girl on the right of the boy cousin. then it's another cousin, then my little sis. we were all very into florals, apparently. 

me, mama, and sis again, at our cabin. I love how crazy long my hair was (and the belly showing...yikes). this was in the 12th grade... I was very into matching in high school. and bright colours.

my grad dress! it was the first one I tried on. I actually still love it and would wear it again if I had an appropriate occasion (and if it still fit...) my friend is looking pretty sweet, hey? she's a singer now.

haircut! this is at my cousin's wedding (incidentally, the boy from the first pic!) I wore this dress- it flared and had red tulle trim at the bottom- with my red chuck taylors. everyone ragged on me for it. oh, and that's my dad with the ridiculous shades. 

I always had messy hair and wore jeans and chucks. always.

'nother haircut! I hope my friend Tony doesn't hate me for this cause it's not the most flattering pic, but I like my hair in it, haha. this is in my "never take my jeans off" phase. I wore lots of tiny hoodies but I had cute hair.

same hair, more pink. I also loved empire tops and beads. soooo many beads. still always jeans, too. 

living in England, and the hair started to grow out slowly. I picked this photo because, A, it's one of the only head-to-toe shots I have, and B, it pretty much sums up what I wore in England; tons of layers, colours, jackets, and flats. 

this is back in England a year later; hair growing out, and shirt hiking up. it was scorching hot this day.. anyways, this is about two years ago, when I kind of started to dress more the way I do now. gotta say, not loving the shorts right now though...

and this is almost exactly a year ago. I guess I dress pretty much the same, but with different hair and more heels. definitely a skirt/dress lady from here on in. and I still have all these items!

so there you have it. me, over the years. I hope it was at least mildly amusing, it was for me. 
also, I've tried to post this several times before, but the internet isn't very good here. I keep having to run up and down the stairs to reset the modem, and sometimes it just won't work. anyways. excuses. 

peace, blogland!

get a haircut (and a real job)

I never realized how much my consistent blog posting relied on outfit pictures. it's been a whole week! but at least now I realize I need to start varying my content.

still no camera yet, but I've been keeping up with other blogs and there seem to be a lot of hair changes happening in the blogosphere! some beautiful red hair dying, some cropping... very exciting. I'm itching for a change myself, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to commit.

I've decided dying is not for me, even though it would definitely be a change. I think it would be too hard for me to maintain a head of dyed hair, and too hard to get my natural colour back. I was leaning more towards the cut side. (I even recently had a dream that I shaved my head, and I had resigned myself to the fact by the time I woke up.)

I've had super short hair before and I loved it. but I just think about how long it took me to grow it out to this length, and I feel maybe I should enjoy this a little longer before taking the plunge again. 

just to make the decision even more difficult, I have some photos of cute crops I envy and would love to try, and some lovely long haired ladies who's style I could actually pull off with my hair type. 

I loved Michelle Williams' cute pixie cut, I think it's so carefree and whimsical. I love this photo of her.

Carey Mulligan is such a beauty. her crop is cut a little different, and I like the smoothness.

I'm kinda in love with Natalie Portman, so I had to mention her funky short 'do from a while back- maybe too intense for me, but I love the edginess and faux hawk-sorta thing.

and of course Erin of Calivintage recently went under the scissors, and she looks so adorable! love the texture. (photo credit: Calivintage)

now for my current hair inspirations...

this is the haircut I asked for when I first got bangs! haha you might be able to tell I'm a little obsessed with Anne's style in this movie...

obviously one of the most gorgeous ladies ever, and it seems like we have a very similar hair texture.

Alison Sudol has gorgeous bright red hair ( I know you can't see it here!) and I like the quirky short bangs.

I love Betty's windblown, fabulously messy hair. it's so model-off-duty. (photo credit: Le Blog de Betty)

now the question is, which group do I want to look like?! choices, choices.

playing: Can't Buy Me Love- the Beatles