we sit on front porches and swing life away

this  was yesterday's outfit, which I once again tried to upload but was hindered by an uncooperative upload speed. 
don't worry, I'm bringing my lovely laptop to the Mac store this weekend for a much-needed update. 

shirt- Forever 21
cardigan- Forever 21
pants- H&M
shoes- Seychelles

my last pants day! well, not ever of course, but for this week. while I'm excited to be back in tights today (to be posted later), I did like this look. it felt kind of work-chic like I was talking about in yesterday's wishful post. 

I got this sweater in New York but I've been too disappointed to wear it since then. I got it home only to realize one of the embellished shoulder pads was completely different than the other, in that it was kind of weirdly messed up. I'm really annoyed by little inconsistencies like that- even though the average person would never even notice- so I was going to return it, but because I bought it in a store and not on the site it wasn't returnable by mail. I kinda got stuck with it, but I think I'm over the little flaws now. I still really like the Michael Jackson inspiration. :o)

aaaaand now, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for with bated breath; the giveaway winner!!

I went to random.org and it selected number 13, and Kyla was the 13th comment on the giveaway post. I'm emailing you right now to get your address. :o)

Thanks everyone for commenting, it was really fun! I hope I can do it again soon. 

playing: Swing Life Away- Rise Against


Sarah said...

I adore this whole outfit. Looks great!


Jen Hsieh said...

i really love this look! there's nothing more sophisticated than a red, black, and white/gray combination. you look so chic! :)
loving those shoulder embellishments as well. congrats to kyla for winning your giveaway! i'm so jealous!

Kyla said...

Lucky number 13! Thank you!

I LOVE this look soo much! Ooh la la ~ tres chic!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love this! That cardigan is so pretty!

E said...

the cardigan is so cute! i love the shoulder details!