today was a fairy tale

technically it's already tomorrow, but I haven't been to bed yet. so I still made good on my word, if you ask me. :o)

dress- vintage, fr. Love It Shop on Etsy
cardigan- Kersh, fr. Envy
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, fr. Urban Outfitters
tights- Smart Set

loveeee my new shoes!! well, not really new, but this is my first time wearing them. they were on sale and I couldn't resist the sassy red. and, as I have come to expect from Jeffrey, they are comfy!

I thought it was about time I broke out this cute little vintage number again. kind of ironic, because the print reminds me of a sailboat and it was really windy today... har harrrr. I'm still amazed at how perfectly it fits me. I just kind of built the outfit around the dress and the shoes, and went a little kookier than I have the past couple days. it was a nice change, I felt energized and sunny (even though the weather here never is. :oS)

tonight Brandon and I went to see Alice In Wonderland with a few friends. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of it, and the magical feel, and I was definitely enthralled in the experience. but... I don't know, I just feel like nothing really happened! there was no suspense or plot or tension. maybe I'm just expecting too much from a Disney movie, by Tim Burton, that's meant to be seen in 3D- the movie is basically made for instant visual pleasure.

I would definitely recommend seeing it, though.

anywho, that's enough from me at 3am. off to dreamland it is! g'night, folks. 

playing: What Not to Wear

ps. yes that's Taylor Swift in my title. shut up. fits with the Alice theme.


Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful outfit!

Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Name said...

love your hair and dress!!

Sarah said...

Great outfit. Such a cute dress and I love those shoes!

E said...

this is really cute, i love how you matched it with blue tights! I must get blue tights now! :)

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I love that dress! Annie.