this could be all we're owed

...all we're owed, all we're getting. this could be it.
hello again, friends.

it's been a weird week so and I've been kind of regretting giving up shopping for lent. :oS BUT I shall prevail! there are plenty of other things I can spend my energy on right now.

like... making a magazine? I'm in the magazine workshop in school now, where we get divided into groups and make an entire magazine from scratch. me and six others are doing a young men's magazine. we dished out assignments today, and mine are so fun! I'm doing a vintage shopping feature, a "dress like this celebrity" feature, coolest movie badasses (it's a men's magazine, after all), tv show alternative to ones your girlfriend makes you watch...stuff like that. if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment!

dress-Esley, fr. Envy
tights- Smart Set
cardigan- Kensie, fr. Shop Idee Geniale 
shoes- H&M

yesterday's outfit;
I actually changed just after these photos because I discovered several- not one, but several- holes in it! UGH. it made me really nervous because it kind of looked like they were chewed, not torn...I had to restrain myself from taking everything out of my wardrobe and resorting to moth balls or something. but none of my other dresses appear to have holes, so I don't really know what's up.

dress- Forever 21
scarf- H&M
tights- Hue, fr. Macy's
shoes- fr. Modcloth

it's getting warm enough for only one pair of tights now. I thought I'd celebrate with a sunny dress! and I love this one cause it's so simple and sweet. the simplicity gave me the chance to wear one of my big pretty scarves, and I chose this one cause I liked how the aqua played off the yellow. I was going to add patterned tights, but opted instead for a bright colour and kind of patterned shoes. I think the outfit turned out a nice balance of easy and playful. 

kay, gotta go! skype date with my friend in Korea. I miss having friends in the same province as me. :oS

playing: Melt My Heart to Stone- Adele


tess said...

well sorry about the hole, but both of these outfits are amazing! love the colors in the second one and the cardigan in the first

Melanie Likes said...

I ADORE these outfits! I especially love your black & white cardigan in the first pictures! :) Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Peaches Geldof? You're a cutie! :)


Draft of Vintage said...

Love that cardigan! Cute outfits!

calivintage said...

both outfits are splendid. and i really love the play of colors in that second look. very fresh and vibrant!

Sarah said...

I love, love, love your tights and your shoes. So adorable.

E said...

gorgeous cardigan, its lovely on you!