Oh, Canada

I'm watching the Olympic closing ceremonies right now, and they make me sad on so many levels.
first, what exactly am I supposed to do with my time now? it's like when Christmas holidays are over and you have to head back to school and all the fun's over. :o(
second...this poor display of Canadian culture!!

I mean, the whole spoof with the giant moose and stuff was funny. but what about the real stuff? and what's with the HORRIBLE music?! I mean, what about, say, Rush, or Feist, or Trooper, or Stars, or Hawksley Workman, or even Hey Rosetta! for the closing bands?? what's with the Simple Plan and Nickelback?!

for those of you reading who aren't from Canada, please don't judge us based on this.
(although Alanis is awesome.)

anywaysss. HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL. I almost peed my pants. tmi? sorry. that's all I'll say about the game or my pants. :o)

well, except this..

ls shirt- Costco
pants- Delia's
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, fr. Modcloth
scarf- gift
necklace- gift, key pendant- Tiffany

Brandon got a little excited taking pictures today, so most of them were blurry. but I liked the last one anyways. how cute is this top my sister bought meeee? she thought it was really plain, but I love the lace back. can't wait to wear it in the summer with a pair of shorts. 

for now I thought layering was more appropriate. since the outfit was really simple up top, I went with the pink pants and heels to jazz things up. a little plain, but with unexpected details. 

oh my. ceremonies are over and they ended with K-OS. seriously. sigh. 
I love you Canada, but sometimes you are just silly. 
...the sweaters you wore were kind of cute, though.

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Jen Hsieh said...

i adore this top as well, the lace back is gorgeous! your sister is way too sweet. and you're amazing for being to pull off hot pink pants. :)
oh! and i adore those jeffrey campbell heels. gorgeous!
i still can't believe the olympics are over either. i feel like they just started!?