my day late friend

only three minutes left to my friday, but I'm enjoying every moment, darn it!

this has been the most unproductive week ever, but I'm just going to forget about it and do much better next week. no use beating myself up about it. I have big plans for the next couple days!

but outfit from yesterday. I was about to upload the photos last night when- BAM. the power went on our whole block! it was crazy. there was no bad weather or anything, it wasn't even raining. we waited for it to come back on for a while, but then we just gave up and went to bed.

it was kind of fun reading a book by candlelight, though. felt rustic and oddly romantic.

so here are the pictures, a day late. and boy, are there a lot of 'em...

dress- Kensie, birthday gift fr. my friends!
l/s top- Gap
tights- Ardene
socks- gift
boots- Spring
earrings- gift fr. Brandon :o)

I love this dress. it hasn't been in any outfit pictures yet, but there's a bit of an explanation.. I had a big chocolate milk stain down the front (classic Sarah) and it's dry clean only. it ended up hung behind my bathroom door waiting for other dry clean only clothes to join its predicament so I could make the trip worth it. but it turns out my bathroom acts like its own little laundry mat and the steam took the stain out completely! 

and that's my happy little dress story. 

I like the ruffled straps, so I don't usually cover them up- I wear shirts underneath instead. even though sometimes orange and black risks looking like Halloween, I think this orange works because it's so bright. I chose neutral colours for the rest of the outfit, and played off the cute pink stripe with pink earrings and lipstick. and voila! one of my favourite dresses from two of my favourite people. :o)

and now Brandon has fallen asleep in his chair, so I'm going to help him into bed, haha. poor thing. I'm an night owl and he tries so to keep up with me. 

here's to a good weekend! ♥

playing: Under the Blacklight- Rilo Kiley


Ally said...

Such a cute dress, I am absolutely loving the orange!! and you're on weardrobe too ! awesome! what's the username?

love your blog! and the background! how'd you get the ifb badge on tho,can't figure it out on my blog,

anyway, hope you're having a wonderful time, <3 Lily

tess said...

I love the dress, great colors

and under the black light is amazing!

Unknown said...

I love your dress and your boots :D I agree, I think ruffle tops are adoring, it gives the clothing a whole new lovely look to it (:

love your blog!

- Michelle