it's the little things...

oh thursday, you're never as good as friday. thank goodness for The Office.

belt- H&M
skirt- Gap
tights- H&M
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell fr. Modcloth

I felt like this outfit was particularly girly. all flouncy and soft colours... not one of my favourite outfits of late, but there's not really anything wrong with it. I'm just more in the mood for chic and sophisticated looks lately. 

I did enjoy the opportunity to wear my unicorn shoes! love them. and apparently so does my magazine prof. she told me so in front of the class... which was nice of her, but a little embarrassing. people in my program aren't all that fashion forward so they think I'm crazy for wearing heels to school. thus I don't particularly enjoy the extra attention.

anyways. today was not a good day. it started off nice- our magazine meeting wasn't till 11, so I got to sleep in. but even that turned out not so good because I got too much sleep and was groggy all day. then I had to pay $60 for a new prescription, which is necessary but not nice on my wallet. and I was making a doctor's appointment and they finally got back to me to say it was on JUNE 10. yes, like three months from now. then- now get this- my camera broke. I was taking outfit pictures (not those above, they're from monday) and it just wouldn't take photos of anything closer than ten feet. so I frantically took it to the camera shop, and they said it must have gotten jostled or something, cause there's no external damage but one of the focus gears seems to be loose.
how much is that going to cost???
I need a job. 
or a significant reduction in self-respect complemented by an increase in chest size... not sure which is more likely at this point.
Brandon even got us pizza to cheer me up, but they forgot the extra sauce! can nothing go right in the world?!

sigh. well, I have to go get my late-night laundry and continue being dramatic. 
at least tomorrow's friday! 

playing: dark come soon- Tegan & Sara


Jen Hsieh said...

i just have to say, that top, that belt, and that skirt were pretty much made for each other. great styling :)

Kelly Lauren said...

So girly, yes but so so cute! you're very pretty too - great eyeliner!

Those shoes look phenomenal on you.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is such an inspirational outfit!! You look so girly and pretty- basically perfect!!!

And those shoes... they are the most beautifulest things I have ever seen. LOVE!!


Janessa said...

Love the outfit. You might not be feeling the girly too much lately but I love it! These shoes and the shoe from the last post I am totally in love love love with!
Bummer bout your camera and sucky day. I'm sure something awesome will happen next week that'll totally make up for it!

tess said...

lovely shoes!

I hate OVERSLEEPING, at least with not getting enough zs you can grab a cup of coffee, but with oversleeping you're just groggy all day

Unknown said...

looove how whimsical this outfit is... and love those unicorn heels!

PS. visit my blog at:

Madeline Veenstra said...

This is such a pretty outfit! I just came across your blog and have added it straight to my reader :)