in the sunshine

so, I'm going for a quick post tonight causeeee...well, honestly I don't have much to say.

I'm working on getting some new ideas to post more fashion-related things, and not talk about myself so much. it's just that my internet's been such a pain lately that I've been limiting myself to outfit pictures and random chit-chat.

hopefully more interesting things are to come. :o)
for now, here's...more pants!

top- Lush, fr. Envy
necklace- fr. Modcloth
scarf- Bizou
jeans- Aeropostale
boots- Spring

it was actually kind of sunny today, so the lighting is a little wacky. but I won't complain!

honestly, pants week is sorta dragging on for me. I think three days in a row are definitely doable, but I'm going on five now (one undocumented, plus one pyjama day!) and I'm starting to get bored. today I just went for simple and picked a semi-new top that I knew worked with pants. I don't wear my yellow boots often enough, so I pulled them out, then a scarf for necessity, a necklace for fun, and we're done!

I tried to have a little fun with my make up to balance out the simplicity, but you can't really tell in the close-up. oh well!

besides the uncharacteristic repetition in my wardrobe lately, I also think I'm in a bit of a style shift. you know, when you look at all your clothes, like them, but decide you want to give off an entirely different look. I think for me it's because I'm so close to graduating (eep!) and having to get a real job. I'm imagining going for an interview at a cool magazine and what I picture myself wearing is not in my closet. 

...don't freak out, mom, I'm not going shopping. 

just someday, in the future, NOT NOW, I'm thinking about some key pieces that someone at, say, a fashion magazine would wear. 

you know what they say- dress for the job you want. 

I'm thinking a couple cool blazers (all mine are from high school!) and chic separates; pencil skirts and blouses instead of flouncy skirts and trapeze tops. 

well. I guess that wasn't as quick as I thought, was it?
goodnight, all!

playing: Sunshine of Your Love- Cream

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Sarah said...

The color on those boots is amazing. Plus I love your floral shirt, so springy!

Beth said...

Hey, this is random and totally unrelated to your post today but where do you buy your Kensie dresses?

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love that top! That floral print is so pretty! I have something really similar that I can't wait to start wearing more come spring!

Sarah K. said...

Beth: I only have two (if I recall correctly!) that I got in New York City on vacation. I have a couple Kensie things from the mall in places like Envy, but I actually find Kensie hard to come by in Nova Scotia. at least in large quantities.