I'd be alright if it was just till St. Patrick's day

happy st. paddy's day!

I actually kind of forgot about the holiday (which would have been impossible if I were in Newfoundland, I expect). but I'm still behind with my outfit photos, so for all you know, I wore green today!

dress- vintage, fr. Shopcuffs
shoes- Seychelles

not a whole lot of accessorizing goin' on, but this dress is busy enough to stand on its own! its a pretty crazy print. the dress is actually a bit snug in the tummy area, but it's so unique that I can't give it up. and as long as I can breathe without busting it open, I'm gonna wear it. :o)

I've been pretty busy the past couple days working on my magazine stuff. a couple articles got pulled, but I finished three and they were fun. I'm getting some good ideas for my blog actually. so stay tuned, and I promise things will get more interesting than they've been lately!

...hopefully they'll get more interesting for me, too. not that I have anything to complain about, but the highlights of my life recently have been browsing a vintage shop (and not being able to buy anything cause it's still lent) and deciding to let myself order pizza. 
actually, those things don't sound half bad, do they?

well, that's it from me, folks. go drink some green beer. or have a lime soda. or ignore St. Patrick's day and just have a lovely evening anyway.


playing: St. Patrick's Day- John Mayer


tess said...

love that dress, the pattern is wonderful

kate maggie said...

your hair is great and I love that dress. Those shoes are great too! x

Kate said...

I love your shoes! I have blimey envy! I have been wanting them in black, but live in NB and like you, haven't been able to find shipping that is semi-reasonable! anyway, cute outfit!

Kyla said...

Wow - that's an amazing dress! I love it!