I want to thank you


I feel just AWFUL. the wonderful Alix of Alix Darling/ Little Red Thoughts was kind enough to tag me for this award weeks ago, and I completely and totally forgot to re-post it and thank her!!

it's not that I didn't notice, and certainly not that I didn't appreciate it- I read the entry and thought to myself "this is awesome! I'll do this tomorrow" but it totally slipped my mind. 

so Alix, I'm very sorry, and really, THANK YOU!! it's so sweet of you to tag me and I really appreciate that you even read my blog. that you like it is even more amazing. you are awesome. :o)

So as per the rules of the award, I have to answer these:

Name and an author you love - Jerry Spinelli, because his books changed my life, and Ian McEwan, because he writes beautifully and captivatingly. 

If applicable, name an author who highlights - I believe this is an incomplete sentence. many authors highlight things, in their writing and with highlighters, I'm sure. for example, George Orwell highlights class divisions and political unrest. 

Books you love - Stargirl- Jerry Spinelli, Life of Pi- Yann Martel, The Photograph- Penelope Lively, Atonement- Ian McEwan, The Outsiders- S.E. Hinton, and tons more, but this is not my facebook page. :o)

Something that always excites you - getting mail, watching intense hockey games, shopping, bold bbq doritos, and when Brandon gets home from work.

Something you hate - when people bite their fork when they eat. it's so annoying. 

Pass it on to 7 blogs - these things actually make me quite nervous! I know some people don't like this whole tagging business (I love it- I love answering the questions haha) and I'm always nervous someone will be like "and who are you again?" butttt I chose a few girls who's blogs I love and visit regularly... or just girls I'd like to appreciate and get to know a little better! and hopefully they won't think I'm a huge dork. 

1. Idee Geniale
2. Sweet Sara
3. Jennifhsieh
4. Blue Collar Catwalk
5. Jenloveskev
6. The Queen of Wanderlust
7. Bailey&J

Thanks guys!
also... outfit posts tomorrow, I promise. ♥ 


tess said...

just found your blog and this was a fabulous post! we seem to have similar taste in authors. I've read 5 McEwans, Atonement being my favorite and his best, so heartbreakingly beautiful, the ultimate romance and intriguing discussion of what fiction means. life of pi is similar in that way, when you finish that book the ending is so mindblowing. it really stuck with me

anyway, love your blog and cannot wait to see more. would you like to trade links?

AlixDarling said...

you are too cute. I waited like 2 months before I realized that i needed to pass this baby on, so no hard feelings. PS i always bite my fork when I eat, youd hate dinner with me hahahaha

Sarah said...

Hey, thanks so much for tagging me. I like doing these little surveys as a "get to know your fellow blogger" kind of thing. I will be putting this in a post today. Once again, thanks!